Custom Web Design In Kansas City

Custom Web Design? Lifted Logic knows no different.


After hours upon hours of designing websites from scratch, Lifted Logic has learned that there is one constant associated with web design: nothing kills users’ web experience like stopping to think, “This looks a lot like (insert other lame website here).” Lifted Logic’s diverse team of web designers have come to loathe the moment when they pull up a prospective client’s “custom website,” only to have to break the news that their website was built on a theme, usually purchased for about $50.

We take meetings with these disappointed business owners every day, which is why we take great pride in knowing that we create only custom web designs that you aren’t going to find anywhere else.

Beauty Meets Usability 
If users do not have a good experience on that website, it will never make you any money. The design team at Lifted Logic works to marry the right balance of function and design finesse to create the custom web design experience that you (and your clients) will most appreciate.

Creating Digital Tools

All fluff aside, when Lifted Logic’s designers go to create a custom web design, we strive to merge all the following, and more:

  • Showcase your brand
  • Highlight the values of your company
  • Create a cutting-edge online experience that excites users
  • Design a website that we LOVE to show off