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Kansas City Ballet

Capturing the beauty of their motion


Custom Integrations





The Challenge

For the Kansas City Ballet, only the most beautiful and fluid design would do. They needed a website that showcased the beauty of their performances while offering an easy-to-navigate interface on the front- and back-ends.

We set out to design an experience that guided users to easily find information about performances, classes, and events.

Launch Website

How It Went

Partnering with the KC Ballet, we knew visuals needed to take center stage in this performance. That started with our Media team capturing the beauty and power of the dancers and matching that energy with photo and video of the welcoming ballet class environments.

And, of course, we needed targeted and informative SEO-driven content to help users find the information they’re looking for across the website.

Delivering a graceful design

Our visionary designers led the way with impactful visuals. The homepage features an easy-to-update looping video followed by a straight-forward and stunning list of banner images for featured performances and events.

Each banner displays additional information when hovered on, and users can easily navigate to learn more or purchase tickets.

We also designed a contact form quiz to help users discover the right ballet classes for themselves or their children.

Web design without compromise

The team behind the KC Ballet website rallied around the idea of creating a website that faithfully reflected the beauty and culture they bring to the community.

We accomplished this while providing users with clear calls to action and the information they’re looking for. Content blends seamlessly with the design for an immersive experience.

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