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Custom Marketing Consultant Website

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The challenge

Adam Fichman isn’t just Lifted Logic’s founder, he’s a tornado of a human being who kept barging into our meetings with brilliant, insightful conversation. Mostly about how to truly help develop a better business via a badass website. So like, why not take this show on the road with some marketing consulting? Our challenge was developing an SEO-driven website that told Adam’s story and let users easily get in touch.

We needed to promote Adam’s visibility as a marketing consultant and design the website to showcase his personality. And of course, the content had to accurately and concisely help the user understand all the ways Adam can help.

Launch Website 

Engaging users with interactivity

We wanted to create a small site with a major impact and a personal touch. 

The design is bright, lively, and interactive. Basically, it’s exactly what you’d expect from Adam since he is a living, breathing WYSIWYG (a little dev talk for ya, it means “what you see is what you get”). The website is casual, vibrant, and focuses on the important information.

The website features a lot of fun features, both scrolling and interactive, that fully represent the extensive knowledge rattling around in Adam’s skull. And maybe just a hint of that ADHD charm we all know and love.


Making it easy for users

We developed a microsite that lets users easily jump to the section of content they’re most interested in or simply fill out a contact form right away. It was also important to include a static header that follows down the page as they scroll, so there’s literally no point during their journey when they can’t reach out, book Adam, or jump to view his experience or background.

Allow us to present: Adam

Remember that time Adam was the reason we can use our cell phones to share videos via the internet? We sure do.

He started out as a tech-obsessed kid who just wanted to see what he could do and evolved into a web design, web development, SEO, photography, videography, and business consulting expert.

Without him, our team wouldn’t be here flexing our creative and technical skills, so we were pretty pumped to put his lessons to work on his very own website. Great SEO content, great design, and a user experience that keeps people scrolling; what more could he ask for?

Showing off the goods

We knew we needed Adam’s website to do more than just talk about him; it needed to deliver proof of concept. To accomplish that, we made sure to boldly feature the top names Adam has consulted for, followed by a CV that lists his full consultation credits, speaking engagements, memberships and awards.

Plus, we definitely needed a home for his infamous TEDx talk.


We were very proud to win an A18 award from AIGA KC for our work on Adam’s website.

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