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While design is incredibly important to your users’ experience, your website is more than just the visuals. It’s about telling your story and being found by the right people.

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Understanding your brand from the ground up

Your website should showcase your products and services, your mission, your team, and your differentiators across every page—and be found for terms your target audience is searching for.

Lifted Logic’s content strategists distill your message down to its core to understand your audience, company history, and overall business goals. Only then will we be able to understand your brand with precision and create a foundation for a successful website project.

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We’ve worked hard to earn our place as the most creative and engaging SEO company in Kansas City. From development & design all the way to ongoing content creation, we carefully curate marketing strategies and measure your business goals using real, tangible data.

SEO & Content Services

Web Content

The content team is your first step in the strategy and fabrication of your new website, creating the initial architecture and story of the project.

  • SEO Audits
  • Domain & Subdomain Strategy
  • Site Navigation & Information Architecture
  • Content Outlining & Storyboarding
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Quality Assurance Checks Before Launch

Ongoing SEO

Even the most heavily researched & customized SEO strategy is born out of best practices to ensure your website is successful for years after launch. 

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Copywriting & Content Editing
  • Social Media Copy
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Video Script Writing
  • Auditing & Reporting
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SEO in Kansas City: A brief history. This one’s for the SEO enthusiasts.


Once upon a time, a small but mighty group of nerds teamed up to start building websites. But unlike other SEO companies, they produced elegant website design that was cohesive to a competitive SEO strategy. You see, at the time, these two ideas seemed to be mutually exclusive. You either had a kick-ass design or functional SEO, but not both.

Lifted Logic saw things differently. We don’t think you have to sacrifice excellent design to be competitive in search. In fact, we believe the two should always go hand in hand. That’s because you can rank #1 for every product or service you offer; but if a user lands on your site and doesn’t find it attractive, up-to-date, or easily navigable, you may as well not be #1 at all. In fact, if anything, it’s probably better at that point if you rank on page 50, but you’re able to drum up at least a little business from being there.

Because yes, SEO is incredibly important. And yes, an SEO company can get you to the top of search results. But does it matter if that doesn’t actually earn you any new leads? Users don’t equal revenue by default.

Lifted Logic takes a more well-rounded approach. We want people to find your website AND we want them to convert into a lead. A lead that makes you money. Someone who connects with your story, engages your brand, and becomes a lifelong customer. Because THAT is your return on investment on your website project.

So for all the SEO companies out there who built “ugly” websites, we say… More power to them. We just happen to prefer a little more style.

Do you strategize around SEO algorithm updates?

We’ll put this bluntly for the sake of time: for every Google algorithm update our clients ask us about, there’s another one just around the corner that negates all the work you would theoretically put into optimizing for the last one.

SEO best practices inherently don’t change. An SEO company should not be selling you on any sort of hack they found. Because whether it’s three months or three years, eventually that hack is going to screw your website into the nether realm of results pages. Google WILL find you, and it will punish you. So when you hear this, you need to run, and run fast. Think about it from the search engine’s perspective. They want to deliver the best results for every user. Because that user makes THEM money through advertising opportunities. So why would they let Joe Hacker show up as result number one? If it’s not the best fit for the user’s search, it shouldn’t be there.

Our content strategists have years of experience critically thinking about the keyphrases your website should, and should not show up for. They understand how to put themselves in the shoes of the user to help identify user intent. When someone searches for a word or phrase, what are they ACTUALLY trying to find? A directory? A service provider? Or a definition?

We’ve had someone ask us, “Why don’t you want to show up for ‘SEO’?” Because the user searching “SEO” isn’t looking for a service. They want to know what SEO stands for, and they want to know what it means. We’d much rather put our efforts into ranking for “SEO company in Kansas City,” because we know EXACTLY what that user is looking for (and we ARE, literally, the best SEO company in Kansas City). So while that search may get 100 users a month as opposed to a million, it’s a much more advantageous place for us to be. Those are the users who actually want to hire us. Sorry, that was a little meta.

So what are some “best practices” that Lifted Logic uses to help clients succeed?

The key “best practices” we use at our humble little Kansas City SEO company

You’re going to hear us say this A LOT: SEO best practices don’t change. A good SEO company recognizes and stays up with trends and updates in the industry, but they don’t bet your revenue on it.

Many people think SEO is just repeating words on a page. But you could write 100,000 words on a white screen and you won’t rank. Why? Because it’s about more than the words you use (and re-use).

Think of your website as a car. Its ability to get you to the top of the hill depends on the quality and horsepower of the engine. That’s the quality of the code, the user interface, and its overall function and form. But before you can take it anywhere, you need to drive it.

The content of your website is your steering wheel. It directs the car to the hills it needs to climb and makes sure it stays on track. It’s not powering your rank. It’s simply guiding it.

Whether or not you choose us as your SEO company, we still believe you should know how to hold your vendors accountable. Every website design and SEO company should have the following best practices implemented into your website strategy.

Every meaningful page of content has a key phrase identified. They integrate those keyphrases into the H1 (programmatic header tag), Page Title, URL, as well as naturally throughout the content. Your website contains metadata (at the minimum, title and descriptions for each page).

Each page has a competitive content volume. Depending on the key phrase you’re trying to show up for your word count may need to be 150 or 1,500.

Every page follows a logical storytelling structure (i.e., title, intro, body, conclusion).

Remember—even if your website does these things, it doesn’t mean when you get to the top of the ranks that you’re going to convert users into leads. You need an SEO company with strong content strategy and design teams for that. Your message needs to convince the user that you are the right fit for their query. And your story needs to be compelling enough and your visuals solid enough to encourage them to convert.

At Lifted Logic, we help businesses bridge the gap between their in-person reputation and their online presence. As with anything, the first step is showing up! Be a player in the search engine game with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from Lifted Logic.

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SEO in
Kansas City: A brief history
This one's for the SEO enthusiasts.

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Lead Copywriter

Hardcore Hiker and full-time plant parent, Abby is the Lead Copywriter in the Lifted Logic Content Department. She has a knack for pumping out high-quality content with a powerful, poetic punch. That’s kind of a given, since she previously served as Program Director for the Kansas City Poetry Slam and Poetic Underground Open Mic.

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In her free time, Abby may be found solemnly meditating at the bottom of a swimming pool filled to the brim with spaghetti and meatballs.


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Lifted Logic has managed web design projects large and small for over a decade. We’ve honed our process to not only ensure an engaging and well-strategized product, but to educate you through every step of the way.

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Our goal is to create a product and service that you’re satisfied with and use it every day. This is why we’re constantly working on our services to make it better every day and really listen to what our users has to say.

Scott Schrader

Absolutely love working with Adam and the crew at Lifted Logic! They care only about results and creating the highest quality product which has helped our business a ton. I guarantee there is no better place for web design, videography, conversion optimization, copywriting... basically everything necessary for a great internet marketing plan.

Anna Randazzo

Everyone at Lifted Logic went above and beyond to do whatever to make our organization successful! They are highly skilled, deep technologists, whose business experience is always in valuable to every discussion about how to grow revenue. You guys rock!

Brielle Kratz

We cannot say enough positive things about the fantastic Lifted Logic team! Our nonprofit once had a website that was not representative of our culture or the work that we do—not anymore! Lifted Logic brought our mission to life on the site with expert SEO and a web design that is not only BEAUTIFUL but functional. As a domestic violence agency, our site had some unique needs for user safety that Lifted Logic was eager to help us accommodate. Each and every person that our team interacted with at Lifted Logic was fun, personable, organized, and crazy talented in what they do! This company truly raises the bar in the realm of corporate giving and philanthropy, and we could not be more lucky to have them as partners! We love you Lifted Logic!

Armando Laya

I have used Lifted Logic for videos, photoshoots & website management. They have are simply amazing! Adam, Emma and their talented team are very professional, & offer quality work & wonderful customer service. They are my go-to resource for anything digital or web-related my company needs. I highly recommend them!

Candi Joneth

AWESOME group of talented people. Fun personalities too! We love our new site design, and they were easy to work with start-to-finish!

Chris Correll

Lifted Logic has been a pleasure to work with. Adam, Todd, Becca, Emma, and the rest of the team take the time to gain understanding of your project, needs, and budget. I never felt pressured or like I was getting a sales pitch. They are genuine people that are highly intelligent and solved our problems collectively with us. We trusted Lifted Logic with a large e-commerce web build for over 700 products and also services. They worked hard for us and taught us a lot in the process. We were offered free meetings around SEO, content strategy, analytics, and more. Can't recommend these folks enough.

Alex Springer

Our experience working with Lifted Logic was exceptional. They met all of our needs during our website redesign and dramatically improved our SEO. I would recommend them to anyone looking to grow their business!

Angela Sargent

Lifted Logic and their staff are truly amazing! Their responsiveness, professionalism and desire to fulfill your needs is unprecedented in my experience. Their web design, videography, marketing ideas and logo design all reflect their aspiration to help your company reflect exactly what you are wanting to portray for your company. With all that said, they are some of the nicest, ethical and fun people I know.

Jess Purviance

The best web design company in Kansas City. We love our site and the staff is great. Just finished a meeting with them and gained a wealth of knowledge.

Carolyn Randall

Putting together a website is a task within itself; finding the right company to do it is even more complex. Lifted Logic has met all our design and marketing needs and developed a beautiful website. Not only do they have great taste in design but they can guide you through the process and beyond. What a difference it makes for a small business, to connect with a team of people that know what they are doing. I have yet to stump them with a task they cannot handle. Lifted Logic has far exceeded our expectations and have helped our website gain the traction it has needed for years now, increasing our work to the point of hiring more staff members!

Stacy Betts

We absolutely LOVE working with Lifted Logic! The team at Lifted Logic has been amazing at helping us through every step of designing our new website. They make sure to get to know your company from the heart to promote it to the world. Todd introduced us to this company, and Adam has been great at explaining the "who, what, where, when and why" of what our website needed in order to succeed. Web design and SEO can be an overwhelming thing to tackle, but the team at Lifted Logic has made it such an easy process. We appreciate the time and hassle that it has saved us. Call them now, you won't regret it!

Tam Wiggins

Serving as the communications project manager for a healthcare data analytics organization, we engaged Lifted Logic for a comprehensive website design and build. During the process milestones and nuances, our core Lifted Logic team was always on point, responsive to requests, enjoyable to work with, and incredibly proficient during the content creation and design phases. The final site is beautiful, functional, informative, and on brand. I would definitely recommend Lifted Logic.

Dylan Fosdick

You won’t find a better website creator than Lifted Logic. The website they made for my company exceeded my expectations by far and the whole process was smooth and easy. Everyone that I worked with at Lifted Logic did an excellent job and did an amazing job with everything. From SEO, the photo/videography, and just overall quality of the website is top-notch, and you won’t be disappointed if you use them for your website build.

Cody Thomas

Hey Cole, It was great seeing you and the team last week. I wanted to reach out to let you know that a highly reputable rental management company in Breckenridge just emailed us and wanted to say what a great blog we wrote regarding Summit County Short-Term Rental Investments. This compliment goes to you, so I just wanted to forward the compliment. GREAT JOB & THANK YOU!

John Speights

I recently had the pleasure of working with Lifted Logic, and I cannot express enough how impressed I am with their services. They took the time to understand our business goals and target audience, which enabled them to develop our new website as well as an effective SEO strategy that aligned perfectly with our objectives. We worked with Lifted Logic UI designers to really create something special. And the web development team made it come to life. Since the launch of the new site, and the new SEO strategies implemented, our website's visibility has improved drastically, leading to a monthly increase in organic traffic and conversions. Their expertise and dedication have undoubtedly contributed to our online success.

Logan Gordon

We have seen such amazing progress since working with Lifted Logic. Our Nashville location grew substantially in April, and we are on track to beat April's numbers this month!!! We are very thankful for the LL team assigned to our account! Their dedication and hard work has been noticed by the entire team and Dr. Goodman! From the content to the design, there were only minor changes. Everyone has been VERY responsive and helpful throughout the entire process!

Adam Fanning

You guys are awesome. We're so involved day-to-day that we sometimes for the magnitude of our journey, from an empty space to where we are today. The website, the videos, and all the detailed verbiage throughout the website has reminded us of just how far we've come. It's not often we stop to appreciate the journey. We're always blinded by the next big goals to achieve. This website is a pinnacle of our business. It's a reflection of us, and it's proof to Randi and I as to how far we've come. It looks and sounds great. Thank you.

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