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Corporate Photography & Videography in Kansas City

A visual story that speaks for itself.

Custom photography and videography is critical for businesses to build an engaging experience on any marketing channel—especially a website. Your website is, at its core, your story. It brings together your products and services, your team, your successes, and overall, it communicates why someone would want to work with you (or for you!). Lifted Logic proudly offers in-house corporate photography and videography services not only to our Kansas City clients, but to businesses across the country who are looking to take charge of that story. We shoot all footage in RAW, 4K HD cinema quality to ensure long-lasting assets that highlight the most important parts of your company.

Product Photography

Interview Videos

Drone Footage

Headshot Photography

B-Roll Video

Commercials & Advertising

Lifestyle Photography

Product Photography

Interview Videos

Drone Footage

Headshot Photography

B-Roll Video

Commercials & Advertising

Lifestyle Photography

Photo Video Services


If you can dream it, we can capture it. Our commercial photographers have years of experience working with brands to highlight what’s most important.

  • Lifestyle Images
  • Brand & Office Photography
  • Service Photography
  • Professional Headshots
  • Architectural Photography
  • Product Photography


Any aspect of your company you want to highlight can be thoughtfully articulated through a video.

  • B-Roll & Loops
  • Interview Videos
  • Commercials & Advertising
  • Drone Footage
  • Testimonials
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Service Videos
Crisp, clear, & meaningful imagery
Seriously good photo & video

Why are videos important on websites anyway?

We’re glad you asked… 👇


Through the lens. Oh, yeah. There’s more.


The in-house photo / video process and what that means for your business

Our videographers can produce any content you can dream up. From interactive on-site videos and photographs, to professional group shots, our team members will collaborate with you to discover what aspects are best conveyed through the lens of a camera.

Anyone can take a photo, but the real magic happens when our keen-eyed photographers capture the right images at the right angle with perfect lighting. Then, our Photoshop gurus add the finishing touches to make sure your photos look exactly how you imagined.

We know you work hard to run your company, so let’s take some shots that do it justice. Beautiful images for your beautiful business. How about that?


Our Process

We know our clients are busy doing what they do best.

That’s why we make it a priority to minimize disruption when we come to shoot photos and video footage for your site. In fact, clients almost never have to close or shut down while we shoot. (This is not standard across the industry for photographers and videographers in Kansas City. But we’re just cool like that 😎 ) With a planned itinerary and curated shot list, our team ensures we maximize our time on-site so there is very minimal disruption to the work day for you. Our team of photo and video experts works hard to highlight everyone and everything about your business with our awesome process.

You also don’t have to worry about traveling to us to have pictures or videos taken. We always come to you, because we want the photos and videos on the site to reflect the location of your business and the day-to-day activities of your staff. We set-up lighting, microphones, professional high-resolution cinematic cameras, and provide helpful guidance throughout the shoot. So whether you need commercial photography or videography in Kansas City or Canada, Lifted Logic will meet you there.

That said, if you’re ever in need of studio space, we are more than happy to host you at Lifted Logic’s in-house photography studio! Here, we can create almost any set you could imagine—with various backgrounds, props, lighting, signage, and any other creative elements you’d like to layer into your footage nearly always available to you. Often, clients use our studio for products like headshots, product photography, or interview videos.

What most clients don’t realize, however, is that the work isn’t complete after the shoot. That’s because it takes just as much time to edit (if not more) than it does to shoot the footage in the first place. Our photo/video team dedicates long hours to refining your photos and videos, including full color correction, quality, cropping and trimming, and implementing both hard and soft cuts to your recorded video footage to help the speaker hone in on their overall message.

The photo and video process also fits strategically into our overall web design process. The steps to creating a bomb website for your business are important to helping us prioritize your unique story. Your project will move through conception, content creation, and design before it gets to our photo/video team, where it lives while the site is in development. This is how we come up with the all-powerful photo itinerary—every shot serves a purpose. This is also how we make sure that the video content we record will fit into the awesome site design. Knowing what the design of the site will look like, and what story the content is telling, lets us know exactly what message the photos and videos need to send. It’s the key to keeping all of your material cohesive and custom to your business. Plus, we really love collaboration around here.


Photo and Video Content in Marketing Campaigns

What if you like us so much, you don’t want to stop working with us after your website launches?

We were thinking the same thing. Stick around and we’ll help you add ongoing videos to your marketing campaigns. It’s an impressive way to increase your impact. Fun fact: 88% percent of video marketers report seeing a positive impact on their ROI. So of course we have to get in on that action. We want to help enhance your messaging through the power of corporate photography and videography.

We also want to make the process of incorporating photo and video into your marketing content simple for you. First we’ll schedule team video shoots in advance here in Kansas City, or wherever you are. Then we’ll use the content from those to plan out cutting-edge videos and assets ready to go across multiple platforms for a full calendar year. The monthly topics and messages are carefully curated by our strategists, in collaboration with you, and then our photography and videography team brings them to life. That’s 12 months of photo and video planned out, so you don’t have to take time away from your busy schedule. Sweet deal, right? #WorkingAhead

To give an example, you and one of our content strategists might decide that a good monthly topic for your business in November is your upcoming holiday specials (because everyone loves a holiday deal, right?). So we’ll make sure that all of your photography and videography being embedded and posted that month reflects your chosen topic. A theme, if you will. But we understand that November is a busy month for a lot of people, so we will make sure to prerecord all your video content for the year at once, in advance. One and done—off your plate!

This process of choosing monthly topics also reflects the larger goals within your marketing campaigns. When we say “let’s talk about holiday specials this month,” we really mean, let’s get more web traffic, increase brand awareness, educate our clients, increase conversion rates, etc. We always have the bigger picture in mind. Corporate photography and videography from our team in Kansas City comes in all styles, but it’s always about building an engaging experience. That’s what we do.


Getting Camera Ready

Some tips and tricks for getting caught on your good side.

Sometimes being in front of the camera can be intimidating. Our fun and professional photo/video team knows how to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable, and reflects the personality of your business. Whether it’s corporate headshots, voiceover for video, or an interview, here’s a few helpful tips to make sure you feel like a pro. #LightsCameraAction

Prepare talking points. If you’re speaking in a video, think about what’s important to include ahead of time. It doesn’t have to be a script, but decide what points you’ll discuss to tell your story best. And don’t stress! Our expert video team will help piece everything together in editing.


Style yourself

Make sure that you leave the house that morning feeling confident in your look. Pick an outfit that equals the professional level of your business, and groom yourself to match. Corporate photography and videography gives people a chance to see the ultimate reflection of your business: the people that work there.



We’ll be real with you, stress or tension will translate through the camera. Let this be a moment where you, and your business, shine. Relax, be yourself, and speak honestly. Focus on representing what your business is all about. Our team behind the camera is on your side.

If you’re ready to plan your company headshots, check out our blog for more tips to keep in mind.


The Result

High quality, professional photography.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so whether it’s product photography or stunning portraiture, Lifted Logic’s got you covered. Everyone loves, and can relate to, beautiful images—that’s why our professional photographers travel Kansas City and beyond bringing studio quality photo shoots directly to you. The most memorable websites combine flawless functionality with incredible aesthetics, and sometimes, your iPhone camera just wont cut it.



Corporate photography in Kansas City will showcase your business the way you see it.

Countless polls and studies have shown that in order to be successful, a business must display actual photos of its actual employees and office space. Internet users these days practically demand to know exactly what they are getting before they get it, and hiring Lifted Logic for your corporate photography needs can be a key factor in converting your visitors to loyal clients and customers.

90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. Additionally, visuals are processed over 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain written text.


Owner views their employees, infrastructure, and products differently.

That’s why our talented photographers are here—to put your vision on the web in high definition photos with stunning color, sharpness, and quality. We’ll pack up our professional equipment and come shoot photos while you do what you do best: run your business.



Interactive design in Kansas City is more engaging than ever.

Innovatively engaging your viewers.

Interactive video is a new style of video that engages viewers more than ever before. Users that can interact on some level with a brand feel instantly more connected and involved to the business and its products or services. With the dramatic uptick in mobile internet use, the use of visual media like interactive videos is more vital than ever.

The benefits of integrating interactive videos:

  • Higher user engagement and longer viewer attention
  • Increased completion rates and return on investment
  • Improved SEO performance


A Unique Experience

Using hundreds of different video clips in conjunction, we can customize the viewer’s experience each time they watch by incorporating their current time, location, weather, and viewing platform into the video each time they watch it. We’re one of only a few companies who can utilize this user information to give you and your business a marketing edge. Trust us; They won’t forget the experience.

Through the lens.

Oh, yeah. There's more. Whether you're corporate and clean or want to push the boundaries of
interactive design, we've got you.

Photo & Video Spotlight

Padee Vang

Junior Videographer/Photographer

Padee puts her keen eye behind the camera and then in front of a computer, creating exciting static and dynamic visuals for our clients.

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Someday she hopes to visit Iceland to take beautiful pictures of stunning places whose names no one can pronounce.


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Adam and the team at lifted Logic are industry leaders and experts at drawing out the passion and vision of your company and translating that into cutting edge web media and design. Using a logical, aligned and creative process the inspired team draw upon their collective genius to realize your vision so that you can communicate your purpose to your audience clearly, every time, across all platforms. Working with Lifted Logic is a truly transformational process as you see your vision come to life and realized, and the team is there with you every step of the way providing ‘above and beyond’ service and care. I cannot recommend Lifted Logic highly enough, they are a true asset to Kansas City. If your company needs a facelift, or you don’t know what you need, this is the team for you.

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We worked with Lifted Logic on our recent website redevelopment, and couldn't be happier with the end result. Our new site looks great, and our SEO has improved dramatically.

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The best web design company in Kansas City. We love our site and the staff is great. Just finished a meeting with them and gained a wealth of knowledge.

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Whenever possible, I prefer to work with fellow Kansas City companies. So, when it was time for a website redesign, I did a search for Kansas City web design. I was impressed by Lifted Logic’s presence in the results and knew right away that they knew their SEO. After meeting them in person to discuss my project, I quickly discovered that they are world class web designers, and I consider myself lucky to have found them. I consider our small company to be tech savvy, but Lifted Logic was able to successfully complete our project, within scope with no surprises, with a quality far beyond what we could have done on our own. The new site has added credibility to our brand and we saw an immediate SEO improvement. Within the first year of working with Lifted Logic, we happily engaged with them again for a second website.

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