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Getting Started

We use an initial proposal as the “blueprint” of your new website.

In a blueprint, you can plan for anything from a five-story mansion to a two-bedroom ranch. You can decide how many windows and doors there will be, and how each of the rooms will lay out. The process is predetermined, and the hours are pre-allocated.

Once the work has begun on a house, sometimes changes need to be made. That’s cool with us. Our process is designed to be flexible for this very reason. (For example, it’s a lot easier to erase some lines on a blueprint or cut out drywall for an extra window than it is to rearrange the entire plumbing system to account for an extra bathroom.)

However, the closer we can get the blueprint to your business’s needs, the more efficiently we can build your site, and the longer it will be able to serve your growing needs. 

That’s why our proposal process is so important. Not only does it set the parameters for the site, but it also gives you a project timeline, the exact budget we have to work with (and therefore, the number of hours we have to use to best complete your project’s deliverables), and expectations for how our process works.

The Quick & Dirty

How much will your website cost?

How to budget for your website in 90 seconds 👉

Questions to ask yourself when budgeting for a website.

How it works

How Reverse Bidding Works

Most web design companies will provide you with a set pricing structure for which you can choose Template 1, Template 2, or Template 3. That system doesn’t quite work with Lifted Logic, because all websites we build are completely custom. Here’s how we do it instead.

Discover & Calculate

We ask questions and evaluate a client’s needs, wants, and dreams. Then we work with them to determine their total budget based on ROI and lifetime budget.

Plan & Strategize

We work with our various departments to come up with a plan to fit their needs, within the constraints of their budget.


We’ll provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of everything our team can do within that budget to accomplish your goals, including how to allocate our team’s hours in each of our various departments (content, design, development, photo & video, etc.).

Get to Work

Once you’ve accepted our proposal, we make it official and get to work within your budget. And the amount you pay us is capped, so you know we will spend our time efficiently and effectively to bring your project to life.

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