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Owner Adam Fichman started 1Dawg, a company built and ran by college students in their garage, who wound up being the first business to send a video from the internet to a cell phone. After shopping for investors and licensing 1Dawg’s software, Adam began to realize the unethical pitfalls within the web development industry. As a result, Lifted Logic was founded. For over 10 years, Lifted Logic has transformed businesses across the United States. All of our marketing services are in-house.

1 Million+ leads generated
16% avg. conversion rate

Conversion Tracking

Lifted Logic sets up conversion tracking in Google Analytics, call tracking and other conversion tracking softwares for every client. We teach clients how to see and analyze their conversions.It is vital to clearly define and understand the number of conversions you are generating from your website.

Determining your ROI

Regardless of how much money is spent on marketing, it is vital to clearly define and understand the amount of conversions you are generating from those marketing efforts to determine their efficacy and their ROI. Without understanding ROI, your company could be, literally, throwing money away.

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Consulting Spotlight

Megan McGowan

Director of Business Development

Megan M is the tenacious leader and High Inquisitor of How it Works here at Lifted Logic. More accurately, she’s a saint who spends her days sharing Lifted Logic’s vision for better web development with awesome organizations nationwide.

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Her love languages are cheese, beer, and snuggling with her golden retriever

About Us

Why Lifted Logic?

Lifted Logic has managed web design projects large and small for over a decade. We’ve honed our process to not only ensure an engaging and well-strategized product, but to educate you through every step of the way.

Hear from our clients.

We aim to develop a product and service that satisfies you, encouraging daily use. That’s why we consistently enhance our services, attentively considering user feedback to make continual improvements.

Angela Sargent

Lifted Logic and their staff are truly amazing! Their responsiveness, professionalism and desire to fulfill your needs is unprecedented in my experience. Their web design, videography, marketing ideas and logo design all reflect their aspiration to help your company reflect exactly what you are wanting to portray for your company. With all that said, they are some of the nicest, ethical and fun people I know.

Armando Laya

I have used Lifted Logic for videos, photoshoots & website management. They have are simply amazing! Adam, Emma and their talented team are very professional, & offer quality work & wonderful customer service. They are my go-to resource for anything digital or web-related my company needs. I highly recommend them!

Anna Randazzo

Everyone at Lifted Logic went above and beyond to do whatever to make our organization successful! They are highly skilled, deep technologists, whose business experience is always in valuable to every discussion about how to grow revenue. You guys rock!

Courtenay DeHoff

The team at Lifted Logic impressed me the moment I met them and I instantly knew they were the perfect crew to do business with. They take creativity to a whole new level and each website is organic from concept to creation. Adam's energy and eagerness to create something cutting edge fueled my hunger to push the limits and together we created an edgy website to set apart my brand in the broadcast industry. The quality of their work rivals that of agencies out of top markets such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, but their prices allow all budgets. No matter where my career takes me I will work with the Lifted Logic team in Kansas City for my website and promotional needs.

Bridget Dunne

Adam and the team at lifted Logic are industry leaders and experts at drawing out the passion and vision of your company and translating that into cutting edge web media and design. Using a logical, aligned and creative process the inspired team draw upon their collective genius to realize your vision so that you can communicate your purpose to your audience clearly, every time, across all platforms. Working with Lifted Logic is a truly transformational process as you see your vision come to life and realized, and the team is there with you every step of the way providing ‘above and beyond’ service and care. I cannot recommend Lifted Logic highly enough, they are a true asset to Kansas City. If your company needs a facelift, or you don’t know what you need, this is the team for you.

Candi Joneth

AWESOME group of talented people. Fun personalities too! We love our new site design, and they were easy to work with start-to-finish!

Anne Sjoblom

Lifted Logic = game changers! Thank you Adam, Emma, and team for listening so well to our vision and needs, then transforming them into an innovative, appealing, and effective website we love and love to share! We appreciate the organic design and training that gives us control to update and make changes at any time; not to mention the creative advertising, invaluable SEO training, and smart rebranding strategies! Such a bonus to work with people who are both incredibly talented and awesome to work with.

Casey Steiner

We worked with Lifted Logic on our recent website redevelopment, and couldn't be happier with the end result. Our new site looks great, and our SEO has improved dramatically.

Jenny Shoemaker

I have witnessed Lifted Logic’s work first-hand in the strategic redesign of our company website. Lifted Logic crafted a web design that showcases our company brand and services offered. Each aspect of the website was designed with a specific purpose and goal: drive leads and deliver new business. Adam is an expert web designer. Adam, Todd and the entire team know how to take a business from where they are and effectively delivers them to where they want to be! Lifted logic provides the best SEO and overall Web Design in Kansas City. Huge bonus, they are amazingly-fun to work with!

Consulting Services

We offer consulting services on the following topics. Although, these topics are just a preview. Lifted Logic provides marketing insight for a variety of digital strategies and tools.

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