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The Best Kept Secrets of Medspa Web Design

Business & Marketing Strategy / June 3, 2023

Any good web designer tailors their clients’ websites; your industry, target audience(s), brand guidelines, and of course SEO strategy all combine with high quality web design and development to make the best website possible. 

As award-winning web designers with a ton of experience, the team at Lifted Logic has found ourselves uniquely experienced in the digital marketing side of the medical aesthetics industry. As the official web designer for Sciton’s new website and an approved vendor for BTL Aesthetics, we’ve worked with premier medical spas and plastic surgeons all over North America to create some of the best medspa websites with custom features based on our clients’ best interests. 

But what takes them from “eh” to WOWZA 😍? Below, we break down the fundamentals of web design for aesthetics practices and deep dive into some of our favorite examples of the best medspa websites. 

What makes the best medspa websites?


Usability means how easy it is for the average person to navigate around your site and find what they need. How simple is it to find things? Where does a user go if they want to learn more about a treatment, like Botox? A good website should be straightforward for any user to navigate. 

High-quality content

Great web writing catches someone’s attention. It is also optimized for SEO, meaning it’s written in a manner to help you rank well on Google for your services and treatments. Your content should be straightforward, easy to read, and educational. 

Eye-catching design 

Your medspa website doesn’t need to be The Louvre, but it should represent the in-office experience of visiting your practice, digitally. The best web design combines design with functionality, showcasing written content in a way that’s straight up nice to look at. 

Beautiful photography & videography

A lot of people are visual learners, and seeing what your business, services, and results look like is invaluable for prospective clients. 

Our team works with you to discover what to communicate visually, with treatment page video loops, professional headshots, process photos, and more. Users get to see your team in action, providing consultations, treatments, and customer service that works hand-in-hand with your website’s written content and design.


Do all the links go to all the right places? Do moving components and animations work as they should? Is there anything funky that prevents a user from getting where they need to go? Quality assurance is key with any web design. No matter how beautiful it is, it should work well.

Lead generation tools

Sure, you want people finding your medspa website, but you really want them to become a lead. While every website should have the basics—contact page, schedule an appointment, and a newsletter sign up—there are creative ways your web designer can help generate leads at a much higher rate than your typical contact form.

Lifted Logic employs “gamified” visual contact forms on almost all of our websites. For medical spas, our proprietary Virtual Consultation Tool is the primary lead generation tool. 

Users select the gender, treatment area(s), and condition(s) to receive a customized list of treatment options. The client receives the users’ contact information in return.

(Want the virtual consultation tool for your website? We can hook you up.)

An overview of the best medspa websites

Let’s nerd out on some of the primary traits that make the best website for your medical spa or plastic surgery practice. Below are 16 of the best of the best, in our humble opinion

Citrine Medspa

Citrine Medspa exemplifies when brand story combines with design to create something unique in the industry. 

Branding + Design = Impact

When Citrine Medspa first came to us, they had a different brand name they weren’t excited about. After a brainstorming session within our content team, Citrine is what stood out as the final pick. Once the new name was solidified, citrine as a color became one of the primary focuses for the branding and design of this site.

homepage view of Citrine Medspa's website with Request an Appointment call to action

Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, this medical spa wanted to showcase their modern services through their digital presence. From the colors, custom line drawings, and animations, to the details that make Citrine one-of-a-kind in their community—this medspa website is full of enthusiasm and educational content for users.

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Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery is a high-end plastic surgery and medical spa located on Park Avenue in New York City.

Showcasing expertise and luxury through web design

As a renowned, double-board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Pearlman wanted his new website to convey the high level of care, expertise, and luxury of his office, where he works with another plastic surgeon and a full team of aesthetic providers. 

The style of this plastic surgery and medspa website is what we call “editorial,” with sleek animations, custom components to organize content, and hover features over photos, taking pictures from black and white to full color.

Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery’s website also features a customized rhinoplasty consultation tool, where users can learn more about the possibilities of their procedure instantly. 

photo of Virtual Rhinoplasty Tool on Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery's website with icons of different nose shapes to choose from

This tool asks a series of questions to learn about the prospective patient’s circumstances and give them insight on a rhinoplasty technique that may suit their needs. This visual contact form also doubles as an online lead generator for the practice.

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Entre Nous Aesthetics

Entre Nous Aesthetics is a medical spa located in Menlo Park, California. “Entre Nous” is French for “just between us,” and this notion carries throughout their site to show their clients that they’ll be well taken care of in the privacy of their offices. 

Playful medspa website design

The font choices and color scheme of the website keep a playful tone that still conveys the high-end feel of Entre Nous Aesthetics. From the golden cursive lettering, to the color change of heading on instances of “EN” (shorthand for Entre Nous), this website speaks perfectly to  its target audience.

Entre Nous Aesthetics website homepage photo with introduction content and click to play video option
treatment page example on Entre Nous Aesthetices website with list of treatment benefits, treatable conditions, and treatment areas


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LIV Wellness Lounge

LIV Wellness Lounge, with locations in LaSalle and Ottawa, Illinois, has a unique take on what a med spa can be. With this idea driving their physical location design, we carried this through to create the best medspa website possible. 

Luxurious design meets approachable content

A casual tone that still conveys their expertise throughout the written content. The LIV Wellness Lounge website features clean lines, bold fonts with varied sizing, and fun custom animations. 

About page on LIV Wellness Lounge's website with high-quality office images and information about the medspa

Our designers were heavily inspired by LIV Wellness Lounge’s beautiful office, particularly their front desk area and wallpaper throughout. We combined this colorful look and feel with digital assets to match their brick and mortar location.

Medspa website design example of a Consultation call to action with green plant design elements
main navigation example of LIV Wellness Lounge with categories to choose from, including Services, Conditions, Virtual Consultation Tool, and more

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Central Park Beauty

Central Park Beauty is a medical spa in New York City whose name echoes a special connection with its surroundings. 

Educational content on treatments and conditions

A great tool for medspa websites is a filter that helps users search through the website by either the treatments offered or treatable conditions. On Central Park Beauty’s website, their navigation nicely organizes this information for users to pick the way they want to browse the site content.

Main navigation open on Central Park Beauty's medspa website with treatment categories organized by Body Contouring, Injectables,Skin Rejuvenation, Lasers, and more
Central Park Beauty's condition page introduction for enlarged pores

Users who filter through the website by condition get an overview of that specific concern, what causes it, and treatment options available at Central Park Beauty.

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ChristiMD Medical Group

ChristiMD Medical Group operates out of the Houston, TX metro, led by Dr. Christi Pramudi, MD. She’s one of the first urologists in the country to receive board subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Her practice offer both female urologic and gynecologic treatments and services, and aesthetic and wellness services for women and men.

Two Websites for One Client

Dr. Christi wanted to keep the truly medical side of her clinic as its own brand and service list, so that it could be differentiated from the aesthetic side and services.  To accomplish this, she created, and Medspa.Christimd.Com. 

Though they share the same “.com”, they are two distinct sites. The logos are differentiated to provide further differentiation, along with color schemas that share elements, but still provide individual branding.

Lifted Logic created the logos for both divisions of Dr. Christi’s Medical Group. Here is the logo that appears on the landing page for logo that serves as an example of one of the best kept secrets of medspa web design at lifted logic

Here is the logo that appears on the landing page for

Note the use of the lighter color palette for the medical side, and the deeper palate for the med spa side.

Consistent Experience, Different Details

The two websites carry design cues that inform users they are on a ChristiMD site. However, the subtle alterations and changes make each site unique, even on first visit. For example, the top of each home page has a video roll in the background, with the same branding slogan: “Better Doctor. Better Techniques.  Better Results.”

The site has a rotating, circular set of branding words saying “UROLOGY GYNECOLOGY AESTHETICS.”

the video roll and scrolling keyphrases on the website as one of lifted logic's best kept secrets of medspa web design


As for, that rotating, circular set of branding words involves “FACE BODY LOVE”.

Other differentiators include the font and color treatment for “Better Results”, and the angle of the camera shot for the outside of ChristiMD’s upscale offices. Other similar design structures offer differentiated color schema and content—but with links to the sister site available for ease of user transition.

a left to right comparison of the menus for and to illustrate two techniques in lifted logic's best kept secrets of med spa web design

These seemingly simple but strategically complex differentiators ensure users always know whose site they are on, even if the services they seek from ChristiMD are quite different.

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La Bella Medical Aesthetics

La Bella Medical Aesthetics operates in Farmington, CT, as a luxury medical spa provider.

A Med Spa Going for the Gold

The La Bella website juxtaposes positive and negative space in alternating fashion to create a consistent and classy flow. The user enjoys this interplay of white or extremely light grey backgrounds with black fonts, leading into black backgrounds with white fonts. 

Interwoven through the images and in some of the scrolling fonts, is a gold color. It provides a rich touch that compliments and connects the light and dark backgrounds.


The copy in each component is kept to concise delivery of useful information, while still supporting the branding of La Bella’s luxurious med spa experience.  Even the product video roll supports the white/black/gold palette.

a screen shot of a copy and video link component on the la bella med spa site exhibiting a design secret for a med spa website at lifted logic


The treatment pages continue the palette theme while keeping the user experience energized with videos, scrolling banners, and plenty of white space. The images and text have room to breathe and the visuals and colors provide a luxurious user experience before the potential customer steps foot through La Bella’s doors.

the call to action section of la bella's emsculpt neo page which shows connected design cues that work as secret design elements for website design at lifted logic

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Enhance Med Spa

Enhance Med Spa’s website design is particularly unique in showcasing 3 separate locations (Hampstead, Southern Pines, and Laurinburg) that each offer different services.

A multi-site done right

To create the best user experience, we built an option to easily navigate between the 3 locations so users can easily find their correct location and know where they’re at at any given time.

a top navigation option to choose between 3 locations of Enhance Medspa's website

Each location’s homepage gives a comprehensive overview of their services for aesthetics, wellness, primary care, and skincare products to help users easily filter through the site. 

a layout component showcasing

Each page on the website features the same calls to action encouraging users to reach out. This gives those who are ready to book an in-person appointment an easy way to do so (including through the top navigation) and also provides an opportunity to those who want to keep researching online through the Virtual Consultation tool.

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Perlis Medspa & Wellness Center

Located in Highland, Illinois, Perlis Medspa & Wellness Center is another business that does “a bit of everything” when it comes to their services. 

Helping users easily navigate services and shop online

Since this medspa has two primary sides (Aesthetic and Wellness), the homepage calls out both of them with this custom component, allowing users to see a preview of popular procedures for each.

a medspa web design component on Pelis Aesthetics that includes a toggle to choose between Aesthetics and Wellness treatments

Some of the best medspa websites have e-commerce functionality, where they have an online store that is easy to browse. 

Product pages allow shoppers to add the desired quantity of a product to their cart, add to their wishlist, or email to a friend (or themselves for later!). If the user scrolls, the page pulls through related products based on the product page. 

a product page on Perlis Medspa's website of a supplement photo, product information, and option to add to cart

Renew Aesthetics

Another medspa multi-site for 3 separate businesses under the same umbrella is Renew Aesthetics. This site has easy navigation between its 3 business entities—Renew Aesthetics, The Edge, and Ozark Regional Vein & Artery Center—at the top right for users to see at any time.

call to action component on Renew Aesthetics' website

Explaining processes easily

Some of the most common questions a medical spa gets are about the process of the treatments themselves. (How many times have you heard “How does this work? How much does it cost? Does it hurt?”) 

This website breaks down each treatment process in a click-through component. This component minimizes large chunks of text on the page while still adequately indexing for SEO.

step-by-step process component example on Renew Aesthetics website explaining how a treatment works

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PURE Medical Spa

PURE Medical Spa is located in Boise, ID, and includes some unique features within their site content. 

Helping users filter themselves through the site

One of our favorite parts of PURE’s homepage is the below component that lists treatment options by age. 

Users can look through the most popular treatments for their age range to get a general idea of what treatments may best suit them. This information goes from the 20s through 60s+ to accommodate all of their audiences.

a layout component with treatment lists for age groups of 20s, 30s, and 40s
a layout component with treatment lists for age groups of 40s, 50s, and 60s+

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Dermestetics Dermatology & Medical Spa

Offering 3 locations near Washington DC, the Dermestetics Dermatology and Medical Spa main website and 3 sub-sites offer the user a vibrant first impression, with tones of purple, white, and dark grey, plus scrollwork-invoking design elements and active scrolls that keep the experience refreshed.  A video roll under the first heading on all sites shows an active, multi-faceted display of Dermestetics offerings and products.

as an example of the best kept secrets, this picture of lifted logics medspa web design for dermestics show the scroll and the video roll

The active images along with the static images and text work cohesively to draw the user’s eyes and keep them on the page.

Showing Off Location Personality

The Dermestics main site has links to the 3 location sub-sites, all including “” in their urls. As part of the location component, architectural wallpaper design elements compliment the background and the waiting room photo to create the feel of “location.”

a best kept secret involving location identification through architectural design elements for dermestetics medspa web design at lifted logic

Consistent Branding On Each Site

Realizing there are 4 landing pages in total (one for Dermestetics, and 3 more for the location websites), branding included the Dermestetics banner a the top of each page, the consistent purplle/white/grey color palette, and the words “Best Self” somewhere in the first component.  The main page has “Invest in your very best self,” Dermestetics core branding line.  Note how the 3 locations incorporate “best self” in fresh ways:




the mclean location for dermestics showing off a branding consistency that's one of the best kept secrets of med spa website design

Meet the Team Makes it Personal

One of the best ways to show users your personality and “put a face to the name” is through a great Meet the Team page. On the Dermestetics main page, you can browse all of their team members across all locations to learn about each provider. If you’re on a location page, you’ll only see the staff for that specific location. Available bios can be read via a “Read Bio” link at the bottom of the picture.

bio page for one of dermestics' employees as part of their med spa web design

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TLJ Aesthetics MD

TLJ Aesthetics is a medical spa in Issaquah, Washington. Their website design took inspiration from their location’s beautiful surroundings of the Pacific Northwest. With greens and neutrals as the primary color palette and botanical graphics throughout, users have natural beauty top of mind with this medical spa’s website.

a medspa web design example with botanical design elements in the footer of the site navigation

Showcasing before and after photos 

One of the most integral ways medical spas and plastic surgeons generate leads online is through high-resolution before and after photos. 

TLJ’s website has a component on every treatment page where they can set the before and after photos that populate for each page. Arrow icons help users easily scroll through before and after photo sets to help them envision their own results.

a before and after image component on TLJ Aesthetics website

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Medical Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetics is a med spa in Ann Arbor with a highly visual site that engages users. Many of their design components include options for written content, icons, and images so all types of learners can easily understand the information presented.

a benefits layout component with 3 images and 3 headings: Conveniently Located, Focused on Natural Beauty, and Experienced Medical Staff

Making a site visual and easy to use

One of our favorite design elements on this medspa website is this left/right that lets users scroll through their most popular procedures. Located on their homepage, this gives the practice a place to update and highlight their high-focus procedures. Users get a quick overview of this medical spa’s specialities, with the option to keep scrolling through the list or clicking “Learn More” to navigate to that treatment’s page.

a featured content component with a large image and a callout for Botox and Jeaveau

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Cellulite Physician Services

Cellulite Physician Services is a practice in Kansas City with one of the most niche specialties: cellulite reduction. Though their focus is on one condition, they understand the complexity behind cellulite and solutions to improve it.

Highlighting specific information

To show their breadth and depth of knowledge, their medspa website design has plenty of components that break down the science behind their treatments.

an image of Cellulite Physician Services website with bold headings, written content, and rendered visuals of skin and cellulite

A scrolling photo gallery allows the practice to show off their team, offices, and services while inviting the user to learn more about their processes as a cellulite specialist.

a scrolling gallery of services for the user to choose from

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So what are some key med spa website design takeaways? 

You don’t have to do everything each of the above examples did. However, we would suggest at least paying close attention to these med spa website design suggestions.

1. Design Reflects Personality. Make sure the visual elements create an honest feel for your med spa.

2. Choose Words Wisely. Your copy language should appeal to your target consumer, while still reflecting the voice of your business style.

3. Show Your Team. Use a page to introduce not just your med spa, but the people behind it.

4. Call to Action. Never, ever forget to have a call to action. Or two. Or three. Let the user know what you want them to do while you introduce them to your med spa.

5. An Immediate Benefit. Taking a riff from the call to action, a “free virtual consultation” is a terrific way to show what your med spa can do, give your website user an immediate benefit from their visit, and acquire crucial contact data on a potential client.

Where does SEO fall into all of this? 

You can have the most beautiful website *ever* but without SEO, no one will find you. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This strategy helps your site rank well on search engines, particularly Google, to drive relevant traffic to your website. 

For example, if your practice has wrinkle treatments in Omaha, you want to show up for people who search wrinkle treatments in Omaha. This is a simplistic take on SEO, but it’s the general concept. You want your website to show up for the most popular words and phrases your clientele uses to search for providers. Not only this, but your SEO efforts should match user intent.

Lifted Logic owner and founder, Adam Fichman, explains how we use SEO ranking and keyphrases to help our clients grow their businesses through their digital presence:

As a seasoned digital marketing agency, Lifted Logic is well-versed in white hat SEO. We play by the rules, practice patience, and yield real results for our clients. 

Lifted Logic designs some of the best medspa websites. 

3 employees of a web design agency discussing the best medspa web design practices looking at a computer together at the Lifted Logic office

We make websites that are more than just a pretty face. Your website can be your best salesperson, and through high-quality SEO content, expert web design, lead generation tools, and industry experience, you can empower the growth of your business through a killer website and digital marketing. 

Lifted Logic offers a free SEO or web design evaluation for med spas, plastic surgeons, and other aesthetic providers. Through free client education, we continue our mission to promote high quality web design for businesses in all industries. At the end of the day, we simply love what we do and even more, we love sharing it with others.

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