It’s easy to get lost in the unknown.

SEO In Kansas City

You have a beautiful website. Now, you must be found.

At Lifted Logic, we help businesses bridge the gap between their in-person reputation and their online presence. As with anything, the first step is showing up! Be a player in the search engine game with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services from Lifted Logic.

“A website without SEO is like a car without gas.”


We Believe in the Power of Organic SEO.

Similar to organic gardening, organic SEO practices provide results that are of higher quality and sustainability. While some SEO companies may guarantee you the number one spot on Google’s search rankings, this is often accomplished through “Black Hat” acts such as link farming. These dangerous practices are considered unethical and can even cause search engines to blacklist your website. Then where will you be? Instead, let Lifted Logic equip you with a strong root system to support your ongoing SEO practices long after the website launch.


To continue our organic garden analogy, consider the relation between your favorite plant and your website. You wouldn’t the spend time to carefully plant a rose bush and then ignore it for the next year, would you? No! You water, feed, and prune the plant to ensure a successful product. Similarly, a website should be constantly maintained and updated with useful, thoughtful content that provides relevant information to users.