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Recent 31 Mar 2021

Business Photographer in Kansas City

The Process of Working With the Lifted Logic Photo-Video Team

by Weston Vitt, Lead Videographer

Your website is the easiest way for users and potential clients to get to know you. While it’s great to have in-depth descriptions and other written content that explains who you are and what you do, these site features should also have a visual representation. This builds trust between the user and your business by putting a face to the name!

Great professional photos and videos for your website are the key to making a brand new user feel comfortable and confident in giving you their business. Looking for a top-notch business photographer in Kansas City? Look no further than our photo-video team at Lifted Logic. 

Lifted Logic has been designing company websites for the last 13 years from the ground up. We know what makes good websites tick, and we have all of the tools to create them. As the photo-video team supervisor, I’m going to take you through the journey of my team’s process for getting great footage of your business. 

Before the Professional Photo and Video Shoot

With any project at Lifted Logic, we have a strategic process plan from beginning to end. This ensures that your website project stays on track and on time for a high quality result. Below are the preliminary steps before your shoot with the photo-video team.

Discovery Meeting

In your discovery meeting, you’ll meet with the photographer on your project and all team leads to discuss your overall brand identity and business goals. This is a brainstorm session designed to collaborate with us to discover who you are, what you do, and how you’d like to convey your message. We can come up with initial creative ideas and carry those details into your project and make them come to life.

The photo and video team will want to discuss the different styles of photos or videos that would work best for your industry, what your customers would want to see most, and anything else that’s relevant to your business. Oftentimes we find that our photo-video team finds things to highlight about your business that you wouldn’t have thought to showcase.

We strategize “evergreen” photo and video content that will be applicable and appropriate for your site to be up-to-date years to come. Also because of how we build websites on a Content Management System, you’ll also have the ability to easily swap out photos at any time to keep the site up to date. 

We’re not limited to showcasing what the written content on each web page is describing. Our team strategizes ways to create relevant visual interest that flows well with the words on the page. Because certain subjects are best shown through photo/video instead of written description, such as what a product or process looks like, we look for anything that might be easier to show instead of tell. 

meeting with a business photographer in Kansas City

Photo Video Meeting

After the discovery meeting and once we get into the design phase of the project, we’ll meet for a second time to nail down the finer details of exactly what we’ll shoot for your project. We’ll work with you to decide these final points; some things might’ve changed since the initial meeting after you’ve had some time to think about what you’d like to highlight, which is totally fine!

For example, we might have discussed doing an interview-style video in the initial meeting, but you might decide a voiceover with informative visuals is a better option for you. This all depends on your industry, the style of your site, your target audience, etc. We’ll work together to find what works best to showcase your business. 

Itinerary Creation and Final Itinerary Confirmation ✔️

From the second meeting, our photo-video team will create a tentative itinerary with the details for the day(s) of the shoot.

The itinerary will include:

Shoot Overview

    • Details of specific services or products to be photographed.
    • Details/description of any photos or videos taken of staff, customers, and any other part of the business.

Shoot Expectations

    • This will be an overview of what you (the client) will provide. This may include the number of models needed, cleanliness expectations, etc.

Shoot Schedule

    • This will be a timeline for the day(s) of the shoot with specific actions for each time slot. We may indicate anything we need from you in red to complete the itinerary. Each time slot will have short descriptions of products, people, or services for photos and footage.
    • The schedule will also indicate any staff or models needed for different times throughout the day.

Client Tasks Before the Shoot

There are just a couple of items that we ask clients to complete before Lifted Logic comes out to shoot photo and video content for your site.

    • Ensure that all staff/models have an idea of what they’ll be doing for the shoot and the time(s) they need to be on-site. 
    • Clear any decorations that would indicate a time of year, such as seasonal decorations. This ensures that the website content is relevant any time of year.
    • Complete any necessary cleaning or maintenance for the areas that will appear on video or in photos.
    • And that’s it! We’ll take care of the rest as we follow the itinerary to keep the shoot on track. Speaking of the shoot, let’s talk about what that looks like.

The Day of the Shoot

We’ll arrive and spend 30 to 45 minutes looking at possible locations for shooting, then we’ll begin to set up. Our team looks for spaces with controlled lighting and will ensure that anyone appearing in photo or video is dressed appropriately. (We try to avoid small patterns in clothes that do funny things with the camera, or anything else on clothing that might not be applicable to your brand.)

We will follow the final itinerary for the rest of the shoot. Each time slot will have specific action items, and the itinerary will also include short breaks to help us transition throughout the day.

Post-Shoot Procedures

Once we’ve gotten everything we need, we’ll tear down our equipment and start to cut any video footage and edit photos. We’ll continue to communicate with you on the status of your professional photos for your website. Eventually, they will live on your site and be thoughtfully showcased throughout to complement the rest of the site’s content! 

The Benefits of Working With the In-House Photo-Video Team at Lifted Logic

Work with a professional business photographer in Kansas City at Lifted Logic! 

Looking for a business photographer in Kansas City? Lifted Logic would love to collaborate with you to make something unique for your business! Our photography and video professionals have the creativity and knowledge to give you outstanding professional photos for your website. 

We know what to highlight and how to showcase your workplace, staff, services, or products. Our years of experience have given us the know-how to take your business site to the next level through photo and video. Get a free quote using our Cost Calculator tool or reach out to us directly so we can discuss your project!

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About the Author

Weston Vitt, Lead Videographer

With a background in event photography, audio engineering/sound mixing, podcast structure and marketing, and brewing beer, Wes is the Lead Videographer & Photographer here at Lifted Logic. His focus on visual and brand storytelling makes him an ideal media collaborator, no matter the client's industry.