Mobile & Responsive Web Development In Kansas City

Give your users a great experience, no matter their device.


Lovers of both user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) can’t not have love for the device that so many of us use every day for a significant part of our online lives. Over 50% of web traffic is mobile, and there’s no longer an excuse to not have a mobile responsive website, so make sure your users are receiving the same high-end experience any time they visit your site. The web has become something that travels with us everywhere.

Websites travel with us as well. We believe a good organic and sustainable website gives the user an experience, no matter the device. Responsive design doesn’t always mean mobile design, either. Responsive design responds to the size of the device, scaling the height, width, and content of the site with it so that if you’re viewing your website on a big screen tv, a tablet, or a small phone screen, everything is still visible, and most importantly, usable.

“My goal is, irrespective of technique, to make the web as accessible as possible and as beautiful as possible for the people who are trying to access it.” – Ethan Marcotte


The immense SEO benefits of responsive websites:

Google announced that websites that were not mobile-friendly would begin seeing a major penalization in their search engine results. In order to give its users the best experience, Google will not show websites to users searching on a mobile device that is not optimized for a wide range of devices and screen sizes.


“The bottom line is that failing to have a mobile-friendly website is most likely already resulting in lost revenue for your organization. Consumers are becoming less and less willing to put up with poor user-experiences on their mobile devices because organizations fail to adapt to changing expectations. Your prospective customers will find the path of least resistance, and that path will lead straight to your competitors in 2015 if they have a mobile-friendly website, and your organization does not.”