Content Management Systems In Kansas City

Lifted Logic gives you the power to manage and update your website.

When Lifted Logic builds your business a custom website, you own every aspect of the site. The code, the content, the videos, the photos, and design. You just spent your hard-earned money on a custom website, so why should you not have the power to update it as you see fit? Our websites are built on the most user-friendly and well-known content management system out there: WordPress. We offer free training with our custom-built websites on WordPress and constant advice and support.

Ultimate power over your website’s content

Utilizing content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal is advantageous to both Lifted Logic and the client. You should not have to contact us each time you want to post a photo, add a new employee, or make any other updates to your website. With sophisticated content management systems, you can do it yourself. Additionally, our developers build custom plugins and additions to your content management systems, making pages with specific content or functionality easy and straight-forward to manage and update.

Benefits of WordPress

A built-in blog that has the best advantage in search engine results.

Users don’t need to know HTML or other code to create new pages, edit navigation menus, add photos, create image galleries, and many other tasks.

Establishing user roles means that you can grant backend access to your website to numerous employees, and control what they can and cannot edit or update.

WordPress has a mobile app that means you can add content and photos on-the-go!