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Custom web development

Your company does not fit into a pre-made why use a pre-made website?

In case you haven’t noticed, the entire Lifted Logic team believes in, and stands behind, the power of the web. We have seen the ways in which a well-built, beautiful website provides a company with massive success, and there is nothing we love more than helping a client achieve their goals. Even through the backend of your website, we still seek to make sure your users are feeling something. Your beautiful web design, photos, video, and content all come to life when our development team works their magic to bring it to the web.

We build from scratch 

If your business is in need of an updated website, the clear choice is Lifted Logic. When we tell clients, “If you can describe it, we can build it,” we mean it. There has yet to be a project or task that our development team cannot tackle and find a simple, user-friendly solution for. We perform all of our work in-house, meaning that you can march straight into our developer “cave” and talk directly to the person building the entirety of your website.

Secure web development

While e-commerce websites are already legally required to have an SSL for credit card data encryption, it’s also been increasingly more important to put an SSL in nearly any website. Look up at your URL bar…see that green box? That means that you are browsing a website with the absolute best security available.

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Use our free website project planning tool to tell us exactly what you want. Since we build everything custom and in-house, you receive a product that fits your business needs perfectly.

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