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Recent 16 Aug 2019

The Cost of A Website In Kansas City

Budgeting for a New Website? Let us help.

by Becca Stebbin, Lead Content Strategist

The first thing you’ve probably asked yourself when considering a new website for your business is how much it costs. Depending on your wants, needs, and dreams, the cost of a new website in Kansas City could vary significantly. 

Lifted Logic is a web design company in KC that builds custom websites for businesses across the country. We have built thousands of websites over the last 11 years across a range of industries, from medical spas to theme parks, and everything in between.

How much does a basic business website cost?

In our time in Kansas City, we’ve learned so much and grown in our capacity to help teach others about the best practices on the web. We offer custom website design and development, copywriting, professional photo & video work, and other services to help clients increase leads, grow revenue, and legitimize their online presence. 

Our price range for websites? Anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000. 

Pretty huge sweep, right? It’s huge for a reason. There is a wide range of services we provide and it all depends on the “wants, needs, and dreams” list you’ve put together for us. But how do you know where your business will fall within that scope? 

Below, we’ll give you an idea of what kind of price range your website may fall within and how we determine our pricing. 

First, let’s go over everything that goes into a custom website so you understand what building a new website even means in 2019.

The steps to creating a basic business website

By no means is this process the industry standard—because there truly is no standard when it comes to web design… but we digress. This is simply the process we’ve found to be most efficient and effective for creating a beautiful, functional tool for our clients to use to attract leads and legitimize their business on the web.

Phase 1: Content
The first step in our custom website build is the content strategy phase. Who is the audience? What keyphrases do we need to optimize for? What pages do we need? What functionality is involved? We go through an extensive content process to ensure we are creating a website that matches your brand’s voice and tone.

If your website will include e-commerce functionality (where customers are able to make a purchase on your site), we’ll also determine exactly how this will work and what capabilities will need to be either built in or outsourced. Learn more about the questions your web design company should ask you about your new e-commerce site >

Phase 2: Design
Our designers are veterans of the world wide web. They create custom, unique designs to match your brand to fit the content of your new website. 

Not only does this process take into consideration the aesthetics (colors, fonts, and imagery) and function (how assets behave on hover, click, and scroll) of your new site; they also have a refined palate for optimizing a website’s UX (user experience). 

Phase 3: Development
Our developers are highly trained to write clean and efficient code to keep your site running smoothly and functioning properly. They bring the design to life from the flat prototype you approve in the design process!

Phase 4: Launch
Our website launch team works efficiently to ensure all of your website’s assets are protected and functional when we launch the website (make it go live online). They test the site on over 80 different browsers, including mobile, to check that the site is beautiful and functional regardless of the user’s operating system. It’s also further optimized for SEO by adding schema markup and compressing the website’s imagery for optimal page load speed. 

+ Photo & Video
Our professional photographers and videographers are experts at capturing the essence of your business. They coordinate with the content and design teams to ensure the photos will assimilate to the site seamlessly before launch. Our photos are high quality, and our videos are shot in raw 4k cinema—rivaling any other photographer in town. 

+ Project Management
Your website build stays on track due to one of the amazing project managers at Lifted Logic, who are advocates for all of your wants, needs, and dreams throughout the process. They will take you through the website build step by step and work with each of our internal teams to ensure your project lives up to expectations.

All of these steps are crucial to providing you with a functional, finished product that generates more leads and helps your business grow online.

And while these pieces must get done throughout the web design process for your basic business website, we are able to determine how many of our team’s hours should be spent in each of these phases depending on your budget and your needs for the site.

Reverse Bidding in Website Development

Lifted Logic operates on a reverse bid system. That means that if you don’t already know the lifetime value of your customers (and how they are behaving online), the first step is to help you calculate it. 

For example, if the price of one commercial tiling job is $97,000, it is much easier to justify an investment of a $100,000 website than if you’re selling pens for $0.99 each. Otherwise, you would not reach a return on your investment for quite some time!

We work hard with our clients to find out what their margins are, what a lead is worth, and the average lifetime value of a customer in order to provide the right tools for their website to generate the leads they need. From there, we use this data to determine a bid for the website and a scope of work that will use our team’s hours most efficiently to maximize your ROI in the timeframe you need.

Allocating Project Hours

Whatever features or functions are most important to you for your website are going to be the most important to us, too.

We will advise you on how best to allocate your project’s hours within that budget to achieve your wants, needs, and dreams. For example, if photo and video work doesn’t make sense for you, we can take those hours and use them for copywriting or additional design. If a kick-ass design is more important to you than a login or checkout function, or even SEO (yes, these clients do exist!), then we spend proportionally more hours in the design phase of the website.

On the other hand, a site with lean copy and lots of function should have more of its hours allocated to development to ensure it is able to work exactly how it was designed. 

And for a site that is more simple in design or function, we may want to spend more time on making sure the content reads exceptionally well to help entice users to reach out to you without leaning on imagery or functionality.

This could be one example of how we divide your project’s hours:

There’s no limit to the possibilities of things we can do for your website within your scope of work. It will all depend on your business’s exact needs, the audience you’re working with, and your budget. In this way, building a website is sort of like building a house >

Basic Business Website Price Ranges

We’ve broken down how much a website may cost based on our pricing structure* and our past experience building thousands of new websites.

The “Standard” Package

All new website builds from Lifted Logic come standard with a blog roll, a contact form, and any other pages necessary to tell your brand’s story, such as a home page, about page, careers page, and service pages.

Our sites also include a CMS of your choice (we recommend WordPress!) and a blog roll. We will provide you with the ability (and free training) to be able to maintain your website after it has launched.

$10,000 – $15,000

In this price range, your website may include a small portion of photo & video work, but mainly focus on establishing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing website that can grow with you over time.

Websites under $15,000 typically do not include any extensive functionality, such as the ability for a user to create an account or to check out with a product, because we would not have the hours to spend appropriately building the infrastructure required for your users to have a secure and easy experience.

$15,000 – $25,000

This price range opens up many more doors for your website to include a bit more functionality, including very basic e-commerce services.

Websites in this range that do not need additional functionality have the ability to allocate those hours to additional photo & video work, including a promotional video (which can be used in email signatures, on your website, and more), an interview video, additional photos, or headshots.

$25,000 – $50,000

An average Lifted Logic website usually falls around a budget of $50,000.

Because of the way we reverse-bid a project, $50,000 allows us to divide equal and sufficient hours between content strategy, design (including some pretty cool features!), development, and/or e-commerce functionality.

These projects include a more robust photo/video phase: the shooting and editing of high quality images to help tell the story of your business, your products and services, or your treatments and procedures—everything that makes you, you!

Websites in this range may also opt for a custom visual contact form, which convert users at a much higher rate than a traditional contact form (24-68% versus 4-8%).

$50,000 – $100,000

Clients that fall into this budget range usually have a higher lifetime value of a customer or price of a single job.

Many of the sites in this range include numerous case studies with photo/video, interview testimonials, and a variety of other assets to showcase the type of products, services, or treatments the business can offer.

This may also include more complex functionality, e-commerce platforms, animations, and more.

In this budget range, clients across the country are also able to include travel within the total project cost rather than as a line item added later on.


In website builds above $100,000, the capacity now exists to be able to integrate more robust functionality, animations, and interactivity within the site.

Maybe you have a highly complex way of organizing huge amounts of content. Maybe you need multiple login portals, or a more complex e-commerce platform.

This budget range allows us to fully build all of the pieces and create all of the assets you need to set up your business for success in the long term.

Specifically, we are able to provide much more photo & video work, highly specific case study pages, additional videos (such as to promote your careers, culture, or community service), and more.

Sometimes, we also deem it necessary to build a multi-site structure (multiple sub-domains across the same main domain) or have numerous location pages with dedicated schema markup to help with driving local SEO.

The right budget for your business’s website

As you can see, the sky’s the limit on your new website. However, we also understand that business owners and operators are not always able to spend an unlimited amount of money to make their website happen.

We will work closely with you to determine your needs and recommend a price range that will make sense for you. 

After all, your success is ours!

Other options for a basic business website

If you aren’t ready to make the leap to a brand new website, Lifted Logic also offers ongoing plans (on a retainer structure, or set hours per month dedicated to working on your site) in order to make necessary improvements or additions, including:

Learn More

Tell us more about what you need for your business website and get a quote using our Cost Calculator Tool


*Lifted Logic charges $250/hour. API Integrations are not included in the proposal scope of a new website build and are billed hourly. “A la carte” projects, such as business cards, car wraps, and pamphlets/direct mailers, are also billed hourly.

About the Author

Becca Stebbin, Lead Content Strategist

Becca was a Content Strategist before it was cool, building SEO best practices into digital marketing strategies for our clients well before it was an industry standard. Her experience at the forefront of digital marketing and SEO serves her well as the intrepid leader of Lifted Logic's Content Department.