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Business Website Quotes in Kansas City

Building a website is like building a house

Business & Marketing Strategy / August 8, 2019

Lifted Logic is a web design company in Kansas City that determines the scope of each of our new projects using a reverse bidding system.

Here’s why.

Building a website is like building a house.

We like to say that building a website is like building a house.

When someone tells you they want to build a two-bedroom ranch, how can you tell them what it will cost? Does that mean it comes with standard issue appliances and builder-grade carpeted floors? Or does it mean a custom, decked-out home with marble countertops, heated floors, and rainfall showerheads? There’s a big difference!

The makeup of their home will depend on that person’s taste, needs, and budget.

The same is true for a website. 

Lifted Logic has the capacity to build you a custom, beautiful product that you can use to effectively generate leads and use as a marketing tool to attract new traffic—all within your budget.

But when people ask us “how much will my website cost?” our answer is hardly ever just a number

Instead, we respond with a series of questions that will help us gauge your wants, needs, and dreams, and ultimately match your expectations with your budget.

  • What do you need the site for?
  • Do you have historical data we can use to analyze your current traffic trends?
  • What capabilities will the site need to have?
  • Will your site need e-commerce functionality?
  • How interactive do you want your site to be?
  • Do you already have access to high quality photos & videos of your brand?
  • Do you know the lifetime value of your customers?

Maybe you only have the budget to build your custom home with the essentials and rooms you need right now, and will be able to make upgrades later on. 

Building a custom home with the size and space you need will still bring you long-term comfort. It will provide you everything you need effectively and efficiently, until you have additional time and/or resources to make the cosmetic updates you want.

However, imagine if you were to purchase a prefab home and then tried to add on an entire extra bedroom, bathroom, or living space later?! These pre-made homes (much like website templates) make it much more difficult to plan for additions and changes down the road to adapt to your growing business. 

Not only would this necessitate more time and energy, but it would also cost you a lot more money.

Using Reverse Bidding to Efficiently Plan for a Website

We use an initial proposal as the “blueprint” of your new website. 

In a blueprint, you can plan for anything from a five-story mansion to a two-bedroom ranch. You can decide how many windows and doors there will be, and how each of the rooms will lay out

The process is predetermined, and the hours are pre-allocated.

Once the work has begun on a house, sometimes changes need to be made. That’s okay! There are certain phases throughout our process that are designed to be flexible for this very reason.

For example, it’s a lot easier to erase some lines on a blueprint or cut out drywall for an extra window than it is to rearrange the entire plumbing system to account for an extra bathroom.

The same is true for your website. The closer we can get the blueprint to your business’s needs, the more efficiently we can build your site, and the longer it will be able to serve your growing needs. 

That’s why our proposal process is so important. Not only does it set the parameters for the site, but it also gives you a project timeline, the exact budget we have to work with (and therefore, the number of hours we have to use to best complete your project’s deliverables), and expectations for how our process works.

How reverse bidding works

Most web design companies will provide you with a set pricing structure for which you can choose Template 1, Template 2, or Template 3.

That system doesn’t quite work with Lifted Logic, because all websites we build are completely custom.

Reverse bidding works by evaluating a client’s needs, wants, and dreams, and then formulating a plan to fit those needs. No one-size-template-fits-all here!

If you have a budget of $15,000 to spend on a website in 2019, we will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of everything our team can do within that budget to accomplish your goals, including how to allocate our team’s hours in each of our various departments (content, design, development, photo & video, etc.). 

However, in this same example, if what you need is a website with high functionality and e-commerce capabilities, we may advise you that this can cost anywhere from $25,000+ and that you may want to consider another route. 

After all, we want to build your site right—not by cutting corners and skipping important pieces of the process that will make your website less favorable to search engines OR users.

If your website were a house, we would much prefer to build you a solid one bedroom ranch that will last you a long time and look aesthetically pleasing, rather than a two-story, five bedroom house without insulation, trim, a strong foundation, or working appliances.

Learn More

Hopefully this helps you better understand how to get a quote for a business website in Kansas City. 

If you’re considering a new website build, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions and we’ll be happy to help you in any way we can!

If you’re interested in getting a quote from Lifted Logic, try our Cost Calculator Tool today or contact us to learn more.


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