Google AdWords Marketing In Kansas City

Effective Google AdWords management that converts.

Google Adwords can be a lucrative marketing strategy. However, if improperly managed, it can also help a business go bankrupt. You are the expert on how your business makes money through the products and services it provides. Therefore, you need to partner with Lifted Logic’s AdWords experts that help connect your CPC (cost-per-click) budget to your most lucrative products or services to maximize profits.

We also utilize AdWords to test which keywords your target market is searching for to find businesses like you, which can help with ongoing SEO content creation. If your Google AdWords campaigns aren’t targeted properly, then you run the risk of overspending, paying for low conversion traffic, traffic out of your area, or even traffic that has no intention of converting. Ensuring that campaigns are set up properly, efficiently, and properly measured takes a full-time expert.

“The longer you’re not taking action the more money you’re losing.”
– Carrie Wilkerson


Front page exposure for your business.

There are many ways Lifted Logic helps businesses conduct successful Google AdWords campaigns. We offer expert AdWords consulting, reorganization of current campaigns, or the start from scratch approach. Each approach is unique to the individual business’ needs and goals. Utilizing the wide range of functions offered within Google AdWords can help ensure that your investment will turn into measurable conversions. Understanding how to set up, monitor, and optimize these options takes an expert. At Lifted Logic, we offer even more than that—we have in-house, trained experts whose intentions are to help your business grow.