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Eat More Hole Foods
Company overview

Masterpiece Donuts and Coffee Plus was a brand new coffee shop launching in Arcadia Arizona. Our job? Build a solid foundation for their business to start off on the right foot without any existing data. Their area was artsy, with that crispy crunchy vibe. So we really went for it – embracing the artistic culture and freedom of expression.


Capture the unique in-store donut shop experience

When Masterpiece opened their doors, they had to make an impression – especially since they were competing with other big donut brands in their area. In addition, we had to appeal to Masterpiece’s artsy demographic outside of Phoenix, AZ.

We created an unforgettable, custom online experience similar to the in-store experience. We went a little punny to amuse our audience and intertwined elements of the donut creation process. With visuals & copy so good, you’ll want to pick up the donut right out of the screen.

A warm, fresh concept…

To stick with the artsy feel, Masterpiece’s specialty custom donuts were named after famous artists. Our copywriter made the connection between the donuts and the famous artists the donuts were named after to solidify the concept.

…for a strong, bold design.

The design and photo needed to match the strong concept. We tied together the copy and concept to create a unique, interactive experience for web users. The designer used a craftsman inspired aesthetic to capture the art-inspired brand.

Photo & Video

Beautiful product & site photography

Our photographer at Lifted Logic did an amazing job capturing photos of every specialty donut. The setup, angle, and lighting was spot on – who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful donuts? The cutout donuts are complemented by the in-store photography featured on the site.

The custom donut process

Masterpiece Donut customers have the ability to pick the icing, toppings, and glazes for each of their donuts. How do we communicate this cool opportunity? Instead of plain copy, we created a visual representation. Our videographers and photographers animated the custom donut process right on the home page.

Custom copy for custom donuts.

Since their audience was art savvy, our copywriter put her art history knowledge to good use. The Picasso donut was paired with white glaze? Maybe chocolate drizzle or Oreo pieces would be better to represent his use of jagged, dark lines. We reassigned donuts to match the artist's style and wrote donut descriptions to make the connection.

Eat more hole foods. Create your own Masterpiece. A brewtiful cup o’ coffee. A new & unique blend. Donut be afraid to create.

Custom Animations

Last, but certainly not least, our developers built the beautiful create your own donut process component using a specialty slider. Our devs also built functionality to allow our client to add different photos to their online art gallery, streamline the ordering process and manage their POS by linking off to a third party software.


A design that captures your attention. 

The Lifted Logic team delivered an overall cohesive, clean design that tied together the client’s strong business plan and a unique concept. In addition, the website’s bounce rate is 20% lower than the industry standard, which indicates the website is engaging and easy to use for their customers.

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