Evolve Paleo Chef

Building a Paleo powerhouse

From a two person, garage-based business to a full-blown Paleo dynasty with four locations and growing, Evolve Paleo Chef is one of our favorite success stories.

Lifted Logic is all about growing companies. Once we got our website, it really went from a home business to more, and more, and more and it just kept growing. Every step of the way, Lifted Logic has been there for us.

Lifted Logic and Evolve..where did it all begin?

When Evolve Paleo Chef's co-founders came to Lifted Logic just two years ago, they were based out of their garage and had a clientele that could be counted on one, maybe two, hands. They knew that in order to live up to their unique and innovative business goals, their Paleo meal delivery business had to be able to be conducted almost exclusively online.

From a simple “Web Development in Kansas City” Google search, to a full-blown meeting with Adam and the Lifted Logic team, Evolve's owners, Caleb and Jason, knew it was a match made in web design and development heaven. As Evolve's business has grown and, shall we say, evolved, their website and the vast array of services that Lifted Logic provides has had to adapt with them.

Then & Now: Evolve Paleo Chef's current, powerful on- and off-line presence

Growing out of the humblest of website beginnings, the Evolve Paleo Chef website now caters to thousands of online orders each week for four different Evolve locations in Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, and Lowell, Arkansas. The process of ordering a week's worth of Paleo meals, or ordering individual items a la carte, is about as easy as it gets: just go through a step-by-step process of deciding which chef-prepared, delicious meals you'd like delivered to your doorstep! Evolve Paleo Chef's meals are on a nine week rotation that is automatically generated through the website each week, and it's incredibly easy for Evolve to quickly add new entrees, salads, soups, breakfasts, and desserts they've been testing out in their industrial kitchens. Lifted Logic also made it easy for clients to make special requests, such as, “No tomatoes, please!” right in the ordering system. Evolve's staff receives the orders in the website, prints an itemized list, and makes sure to buy the perfect amount of fresh food, eliminating waste spending.

Evolve also has a Pantry website, which enables their delicious Paleo snacks and foods to be shipped nationally. This website, and the main Evolve website, automatically calculates the exact correct tax costs, along with delivery or shipping fees for a hassle free ecommerce solution that allows Caleb, Jason, and the rest of Evolve's numerous staff to do what they do best: make and deliver incredible food.

What we provide for our Paleo pals

Evolve Paleo Chef receives just about every service that Lifted Logic offers. Our developers maintain their website, and are constantly making updates per their request as the growing clientele's needs change. Our designers not only created their logo, but also regularly design all their labels and packaging, lay out all magazine and print advertisements, design their e-newsletters, create unique t-shirt designs, and anything else Evolve throws their way. Our writers provide copy for the website, through frequent blog posts, write and manage the e-newsletters, and create thoughtful, attention-grabbing text for magazines and other print advertisements. Lifted Logic's marketers manage their paid search advertising, are the point of contact for magazine editors and advertisers, and ensure that Evolve is always putting their best foot forward to the public. Finally, our videographer is hard at work making high quality videos and taking photos whenever required.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out what Evolve Chef Caleb Summers had to say about us for yourself!

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