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It’s important to understand how a great website can impact your business and future growth. More than ever, people are spending time online to find goods, services, and more. Does your website accurately represent who you are and what you do? Does it leave a lasting impression?

Lifted Logic is based in Kansas City and recognized nationally as a 100% in-house web design and digital marketing agency. We help businesses build their brand, implement strategy, and produce results to improve your online presence and grow your business.

A highly effective business website can spark growth, and as a seasoned agency, Lifted Logic delivers customized web design and digital marketing near you for Wichita businesses. No matter your industry, our team finds a way to tell your story through beautiful, functional web design.

No matter where in the country you’re located, we can build you a website that excites your users.

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Free training to set you up for success.

Once we launch your website, we stick by your side. Lifted Logic will check in on your site performance data with you, and we offer free training for the lifetime of your site. We’ll teach you how to use your site to its fullest potentialβ€”simple updates, page building, and more.

Ongoing Marketing Plans

If you want to take your site’s SEO power and digital marketing further, we offer AdWords campaign management and ongoing marketing plans. We focus on increasing your website’s organic reach deliverables like SEO blogs, newsletters, social posts, and professional photos and videos. Our strategists will work with you to build a yearly marketing plan aligned with your business goals. Whether you want to dip your toe in or do a cannonball, we have a marketing package option for you.

Not ready to commit long-term? We get it! Our team offers free SEO blog training so you can learn how we do what we do. We’ll cover everything from technical SEO writing to outlining and content planning, as well as all of the other little details that work to create effective additional web content on your site.

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Connecting With Your City

The population of Wichita is traditional in values and is continuing to spend more and more time online. There are a lot of factors that can affect who you’re talking to as a customer, and our team will help you nail down those key traits of your target audience(s). This is so you can accurately hone in on those who are most likely to become a customer and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

We’ll talk about things like: What is the average age of your customer base? What do they value? What trust signals do they look for in a business? We discuss this information to find the right voice and tone that aligns with your brand and the average user on your website. Then, we write optimized content with all of these components, driving users to convert/reach out to you through your website.

Why we optimize your site content.

Optimize is the key word; we optimize the written content of your website to help search engines find and rank your content and to be accessible to users. This helps grow your website’s organic reach by making you more “findable” online. The fact is people rely on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others to find the information they need quickly. There is a reason “Google it.” has made its way into everyday language!

Because of this,Β SEO (Search Engine Optimization)Β has become increasingly important if you want people to find your website when searching key words and phrases related to what you do. Lifted Logic writes your site content with SEO principles, creative writing, and digital storytelling best practices in place.

A key component of SEO strategy is understanding user intent, which is aligning the chosen keywords and keyphrases with the purpose behind what someone searches. We tailor your site content to match user intent of popular search queries related to your business. Our work isn’t just beautiful; it’s expertly optimized for SEO and a highly effective user experience.

Location, location, location.

Along with user intent, localizing your SEO strategy is another priority for your organic marketing efforts. Most businesses rely on a customer base physically located near or around their business location. Because of this, we help search engines know where you’re at by optimizing for a specific area or region. This localization strategy can change depending on several factors, like your business goals.

If you’re just beginning your SEO journey and are in a Wichita suburb like Andover, Maize, Bel Aire, Derby, Valley Center, or Goddard, you’ll want to focus on capturing those closest to you first. Your content will be optimized specifically for that place,Β notΒ Wichita! There are many reasons why we might recommend the strategy, but the main one is you don’t want to cast your net out too wide before being findable to those closest to you.

There are other factors that Google takes into account when understanding the areas you serve. We take these into account when writing your web content and other Lifted Logic recommendations.

Digital Storytelling

Once we learn everything there is to know about your brand, establish your voice, tone, target audiences, and other important project goals, we will write or help you write your site content. In our field, we call this digital storytelling. This form of writing isn’t like writing a college essay or a cover letter. Web writing is under the constraints of capturing a user’s attention withinΒ seconds. This means eye-catching visuals, easy-to-use design, and digestible written content. And it’s all optimized for SEO to help you rank on search engines.

Past Clients

We’ve worked with many Wichita businesses, providing web design, digital marketing, consulting, and other services. Lifted Logic’s goal is to help your business achieve you grow and find even better success in the digital space. We work with you to learn about your mission, key performance indicators, and other key information to strategize how to help you get where you want to be.

The Digital Space

Located in south-central Kansas, Wichita is a small but mighty city with a lot of heart and a lot of cattle. Jokes aside, Wichita’s central location and affordability make the 2nd largest city in Kansas prime for businesses looking to expand online. Wichita’s population is searching online more than ever before, so you want your business to be accessible online for those searching for products and services related to what you do.

People expect a lot of a modern website. They want to find key information and feel that they get to know and trust you as a business. Your site can do all of this and more.

Appealing to Online Users

One of the largest hurdles with a website is portraying a genuine representation of you as a business. People want to know the real you, and Lifted Logic accomplishes this through written copy customized to your brand voice and tone, engaging design, and professional photography and videography. All of these pieces, along with a lot of work behind the scenes, come together to form a unique and accurate portrayal of you.

Our content strategists work with you to learn everything a user should know about you. What are your differentiators? What are the common misconceptions of your industry? What are your key messages? We sit down with you and ask the stupid questions, putting ourselves in the perspective of someone who knows nothing about you. You read that right; we ask stupid questions. We use this strategy to identify gaps and opportunities for your business when planning your new website.

Another hurdle when it comes to web design is the amount of competition out there. Remember, users have what feels like an endless amount of options when they’re searching online. How do you stand out? Lifted Logic helps you do this through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Our web designers and marketers ensure your site’s content, design, and functionality all work together to generate high-quality leads. This all takes time, planning, and patience.

The Business Landscape of Wichita

While the physical landscape of Wichita is physically beautiful, the business landscape is very promising. Major industries include but are not limited to manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and aerospace, as the headquarters of Lear Jet and Cessna.

As the birthplace of White Castle and Pizza Hut, we recognize the national influence of this city across all industries. With a central location, affordable cost of living, and endless opportunities, your Wichita business website can help you grow even further.

We want to be the best web design agency in Wichita.
We love helping brands big & small shine online through web design and marketing services.

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Lifted Logic also provides consulting services for Wichita businesses. If you have a digital marketing idea and want our professional opinion, we’ll help you analyze data like conversion tracking and ROI to help you make informed decisions.

Our team of content writers, designers, developers, and photographers/videographers can also do a la carte work. We’ll collaborate with you to create infographics, lead generation tools, and more.

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