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Company Overview

Stouse is a local wholesale print company with a worldwide reach. Their capacity to custom print thousands of various high quality products sets them apart in the wholesale industry. However, their website was not very intuitive to use and relied on the user to perform a variety of unnecessary steps in order to place an order.


Custom integrations, and a more streamlined design

Our goal was to create one central hub for which Stouse customers could interact with the brand, place orders, check order statuses, and manage their account all in one place. No messy file look-ups. No contacting support for every order. One streamlined order process that could do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Thousands of Possibilities. One Website.

With hundreds of thousands of potential product specifications, Stouse needed a streamlined way for customers to understand what they were ordering—and place that order correctly and efficiently. In order to allow customers to configure hundreds of options for thousands of products, we created a custom configurator which allows users to seamlessly make selections for color, size, shape, print type, special finishes, custom inks, and so much more. And all that wizardry happens behind the scenes. All the user sees is a modern, streamlined list of options and a sidebar that keeps track of their selections.


Print Resellers

Understanding that many of Stouse’s customer base are business owners who operate on the go, mobile-friendly design optimization was a must for this project. Our web designers and web developers worked closely together to create an experience that was just as easy to understand from a phone or tablet.

Custom API

Lifted Logic’s developers wrote a custom API to sync orders between the website and their internal system. Once integrated, this allowed their staff to be able to instantaneously see a new order placed, as well as fulfill the order and provide an up-to-date order status, all without leaving their system.


Seamless. Integrated. Responsive.

The result of months of collaboration with the Stouse team of business professionals, internal developers, and print designers came together in one, clean website that will help them better generate revenue and direct customer inquiries for years to come.


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