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A Unique Movie Experience
Company Overview

Movie and Dinner is an award-winning movie theater and entertainment company that has been at the cusp of innovation in the theater industry for decades. However, their website did not properly communicate the professionalism and class of the business.


Mobile & desktop functionality and ticketing

Movie goers frequently visit theater websites both on desktop and mobile. We needed to ensure their site was fully optimized on both for a seamless ticketing experience.

Mobile-First Design

Understanding that much of their local audience demographic skewed heavily toward mobile internet usage, and that during the planning & development of the website, Google was switching to its mobile-first indexing updates, one of our primary goals for the project was to ensure that every piece of the site was built to be responsive and scalable.

Dinner and a movie — reinvented.

Movie & Dinner is a pioneer in the American movie theater experience. Now, their website showcases their true mark on the industry and is easy and responsive for their guests.

Tickets on the Go

One of the top intentions of a user on a movie theater website is to browse and purchase tickets. Our web designers, web developers, and content strategists collaborated to work out every last kink of the ticketing experience to ensure an easy-to-use platform that customers would enjoy and appreciate.

Ticket Integration

In order to provide an easy to use experience for the staff of Movie & Dinner, our developers worked to fully integrate the front-end ticketing system with multiple third-party platforms. Now, both staff and customers can rest assured that the site is capable of securely processing credit card purchases and that seating information is always up to date.

Problem Solving for Desktop

We didn’t want to leave desktop users in the dust on this project. That’s why we built the site to be highly responsive to be able to accommodate for multiple screen resolution sizes and present the content in a meaningful way that captured the attention of the casual browser.


A better way to watch movies.

A beautiful, simple user experience.

A year after launch, the website is now a well-oiled machine that gets tens of thousands of visitors every month and has experienced thousands of meaningful engagements with its users. The site is easy to navigate, understands its audience behavior on the web, and—best of all—reflective of the business in personality and customer experience.


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