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E-Commerce Website & App Re-design


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Chef-inspired paleo kitchen
Who is Evolve?

Evolve Paleo combines a private chef experience with customizable grab and go meal options. Evolve Paleo Chef specializes in paleo, whole 30, keto, sugar detox, autoimmune and other healthy, low carb lifestyles. They're the only meal delivery company to have a doctor, trainer and classically trained chefs on-staff at all times.


Make it mobile-friendly & streamline the ordering process 

Evolve Paleo Chef struggled with the usability of their existing site. The ordering process was time-consuming and difficult for customers, especially for those ordering on their mobile device. Our challenge was to design an easy to use e-commerce platform that streamlined the ordering process and looked great on a mobile device.

Since the design of their existing site, Evolve expanded their menu to offer meal options for more than one dietary lifestyle. Therefore, we had to find a way to help users quickly determine which meal options met their dietary requirements.

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–  Evolve Kitchen & Juicery

Introducing the App

Most of Evolve’s traffic after looking into the analytics was coming from mobile. So we started planning out a new ordering process built for web app responsive as well as app stores. We created a simple user process and researched UX/UI logistics to make sure Evolve’s users will have a smooth ordering process.

A better way
to order

Everything they need on one screen.

With large, beautiful images of Evolve’s food, we truly showcased their chef-inspired dishes. The trick was to balance beautiful photos with accessible information. And by easily accessible – we mean reducing the number of clicks it takes to order a product.

By simply scrolling, a user could view the full menu, add multiple meal items to their cart at one time and easily keep track of how many items they have left to add to their meal plan.

Build a meal plan

– or order à la carte.

Customers have always had the option to order a weekly meal plan but now it’s easier than ever. Customers can build their very own custom meal plan, order a few a la carte items or both! Customers can easily check their meal plan progress to see how many more meals they can add to their plan.

Filter by a
specific need

Since Evolve specializes in offering delicious meals for a variety of dietary lifestyles, we had to make sure customers could easily sort and filter their options. Understanding a customer’s needs are important, we made it easy to filter items by placing it front and center across the navigation bar.


A better user experience.

We gave our client a fresh look paired with some essential functionalities.  The new capabilities improved their customers’ ordering experience and helped the owners run their business more efficiently. A few examples include saving customer credit card information for a single-click ordering option.

We delivered a better user experience for customers using their mobile device. By empowering customers to order on the go with easy, the company evolved towards a more sustainable ordering process and a happier client base.

Full app coming soon

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