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Recent 6 Oct 2021

Videos for Your Website

Preparing for Your Interview-Style Video Shoot | Kansas City Web Design Experts

by Weston Vitt, Lead Videographer

There are lots of reasons videos help your website.

When someone sees the person behind the business on video, it gives the business a face. With digital content marketing, we are always trying to showcase the people behind the business. It’s much easier to relate to a business when you see the faces behind the products or services.

With videos, potential customers are more engaged because they feel like they’re getting to know you. It also gives them an idea of what they’ll experience by using your business. 

Lifted Logic owner Adam Fichman gives more insight on the importance of website videos

Video marketing is so effective that 88% of video marketers report that video content has a positive impact on their ROI. That’s why we take our ongoing video marketing strategy pretty seriously at Lifted Logic As your videographers, we will ensure that your videos are impactful and enhance your message.

How we strategize marketing video content for your website at Lifted Logic

Below is a summary of our general digital marketing strategy. We tailor the specifics of strategy to fit the unique needs of your business.  

Planning your content ahead of time

Our team shoots ongoing videos in advance and strategically posts them on your website and across your social platforms throughout a year’s worth of content. 

Your Lifted Logic Content Strategist will collaborate with your team to plan out your content for the next 12 months using a content planner. This means you don’t have to scramble every month to figure out your marketing strategy while you’re busy running your business!

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For example,

If a medical spa has featured blog posts for April all about skin care, we want to have videos from their team talking about skin care. We can embed these videos within the content to enrich the blog and help educate users while increasing brand awareness. We will also feature these same videos across the business’ social media platforms. For a medical spa, this might be Instagram, Google My Business and Facebook. 

Check out this example on the Renew Aesthetics blog about caring for your skin

These videos also live on a branded business YouTube channel. You can easily share the links, embed them into your website content, and build brand awareness with your videos. 

A cohesive marketing strategy

The reason we’re going in depth about how videos fit into our marketing strategy is because our goal is to be as cohesive as possible. We want to avoid situations where a month’s blog posts are all about a certain topic, but there are no relevant ongoing videos to enhance and complement that content.

You should also have larger goals in mind for the topics you choose, such as increased brand awareness, more user traffic and conversions on the site, client education, etc. All of these factors come into play when planning and creating your content, which isn’t always the easiest or most fun task—but our talented content strategists will help you get there!

The importance of planning in advance

Now that we’ve covered the general strategy behind choosing your video topics, let’s talk about other important factors in planning.

Creating evergreen content

At Lifted Logic, we always aim for “evergreen” content. This simply means that the content holds up well for an extended period. This maximizes the investment of our clients while ensuring that users still want to engage with the content down the road. 

With videos for your website, we make sure content is evergreen by not including specific promotional information that may change from year to year. We also check there is no background that dates the video, like Halloween decor for a video that you might feature in July. 

Accounting for cyclical services and products

While you want the content to be evergreen, you can still take the seasons into account when planning your topics. For an auto service company, you might make a video that talks about winterizing your tires. A medical spa might discuss the safest skin treatments during the summer. Regardless of the seasonal topics you want to cover, you can pre-film these all ahead of time.

Bulk recording then strategic releasing

You don’t have to immediately release your content once you film it. We can bulk record all the videos in advance, then our team will professionally edit and post the videos to your YouTube channel. Once the videos are relevant for the monthly topics in the content planner, the content team will embed the videos throughout blog content and promote them across your business’ social media for maximum visibility. 

General tips for your interview-style video shoot

So we covered all the marketing strategies behind videos for your website, now let’s talk about the actual filming of it all! Lifted Logic works with so many types of businesses, but the following tips apply for everyone who shoots ongoing videos with our photo-video team. We are primarily covering our interview-style videos. Our team also shoots video loops, highlights, and other custom videos for clients.

You can apply these tips for video content you shoot on your own!

Choose the best speakers on your team for your interview-style videos

This is our biggest tip. You might have team members with amazing knowledge and credentials, but they might not be comfortable speaking on camera. These staff members are perfect for helping you come up with talking points (see below), but we highly suggest that you choose the best performing candidate to speak in your videos. 

They do not have to be the most experienced in your staff, but someone who is comfortable speaking in front of the camera with good volume and enunciation Don’t feel bad about choosing someone who is simply better at talking in this setting, your final product will turn out much better.

If you’re worried about leaving out any of your staff, you can have them take on video loop roles. These types of videos are much more forgiving, as they don’t require speaking to the camera.

Planning your talking points

Now that you know your general topics for all the videos for your website, collaborate with your team to come up with 3 to 5 bullet points for each topic. This is where you’ll want your team’s experts and those with the most experience so you can focus on the most relevant talking points. 

Remember: The goal of these videos is for viewers to feel like they’ve learned something about the topic. Keep this in mind when writing out your talking points.

Plan to take about 20 minutes to film each video. This gives you adequate time to get through your talking points and accounts for stumbles in wording and possibly needing to re-state certain sentences. You also won’t feel rushed into talking too fast or getting out of breath while speaking. We cut these videos down to around 1.5 to to 2 minutes, or longer depending on the topic. 

Why we interview you

While our final product doesn’t actually include the questions being asked, we find that having another person (who is not the camera person) prompting the video speaker with questions makes the process easier and more comfortable for the speaker. This also helps with eye contact, where the speaker doesn’t have to look into the camera but at the person asking the questions/prompts. 

Prompting the speaker with questions also helps them stay on topic and touch on all the talking points they want to address. The end result looks very natural. 

Lifted Logic examples of videos for your website

So let’s see some of these interview-style videos for your website in action! Below are some fantastic examples of ongoing videos for Lifted Logic clients. 

Renew Aesthetics


Disclaimer: Both Matt & Kathy Taranto are professional public speakers as well as owners of AesthetiCare med spa


MRI Global

Give Your Online Presence an Extra Pop: Reach out to Lifted Logic for professional videos for your website!

Lifted Logic provides high end photography and videography services for clients all across the US from our home base in Kansas City. We love helping our clients figure out the best strategies to grow their online presence. Videos for your website are integral in helping your potential customers get to know you and your values. 

If you have any questions about videos for your website or any other website services, reach out to Lifted Logic! From custom website design, to professional SEO copywriting and web development, we offer comprehensive website services to fit your needs.

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About the Author

Weston Vitt, Lead Videographer

With a background in event photography, audio engineering/sound mixing, podcast structure and marketing, and brewing beer, Wes is the Lead Videographer & Photographer here at Lifted Logic. His focus on visual and brand storytelling makes him an ideal media collaborator, no matter the client's industry.