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professional photography and video company in Kansas City

The Benefits of Working With the In-House Photo-Video Team at Lifted Logic

Photo & Video / January 22, 2021

Professional photography and video is more important for your business website than ever. As we rely more and more on online impressions to engage new customers, business owners should do their best to showcase their business through their website.

On your website, professional photos and videos give you the opportunity to create a lasting impression on users and prospective customers. You can showcase your company’s personality and mission, and give people access to valuable information about your business. You can stand out against competitors with photo and video that helps users get to know what you’re all about.

At Lifted Logic, we’ve been designing company websites for the last 12 years from the ground up. We know what makes a good website tick, and we have all of the tools to create them. Whether it’s content writing, design, development, or professional photography and video, we do it all. But this post is going to be biased towards photo-video, since it’s my department 😊

Let’s talk about why it’s so great to work with our in-house photo and video team at Lifted Logic.

We have an in-depth planning process to maximize our time onsite.

When the execution of our process needs to be done in a timely manner, it’s super important to us to plan. plan. plan

Lifted Logic’s photo-video team spends a lot of time before a shoot meeting with the client and other LL departments before creating a unique itinerary for the shoot itself. This is done weeks beforehand and is also subject to client approval. 

We can tweak anything and be flexible to the client’s schedule. Before a shoot, we create a final itinerary that works for the client. This is done to minimize disruption and maximize our time shooting with you onsite at your business.

We showcase your business with specific and unique video loops. 

Whether it highlights a process, a product, or daily operations, we’ve mastered video loops that give a transparent, realistic glimpse into the companies we work with. 

This type of feature on a website is known as interactive design, where the user feels engaged and connected to the personality of the business. A video loop usually lives on the homepage of a website or, sometimes, a treatment, product, or service page. It automatically plays behind some type of informative text about the company. 

In turn, we see longer viewer attention on the site and higher conversion rates. More than ever, it’s important to showcase as much about your company as possible to potential customers online. Our interactive design video loops help you stand out among competitors.

Collar Club

Industry experience and knowledge

We’re experienced with all types of businesses (we mean all types, such as Kansas City’s wild side at 7th Heaven), and we’re confident in our craft. We’ve worked with corporate offices, medical spas, HVAC companies, pet daycares, and more. You name it; we’ve likely shot it. 

Because we’ve worked for such a diverse group of clients, we know how to tailor the shoot for each type of business. It’s not a one size fits all approach. Yes, there are some foundational methods of professional photography and video that we find work super well for all clients. We love to adapt these methods based on each business we work with. 

Skilled in all types of photo and video 

We do it all. Any photos or videos that will be on your site will be shot by us! 

professional ballet photography in Kansas CityKC Ballet
professional food photography in Kansas CityThe Big Biscuit
professional business photography in Kansas CityKuhlman & Lucas Law Firm
professional business photography in Kansas CityMcCownGordon Construction
professional clinic photography in Kansas CityF.I.T. Muscle & Joint Clinic

Some photography studios only cater to certain things, and that’s just not us. We work to make sure that everything about your business can be highlighted, shot, and edited by our professional photographers and videographers to ensure a cohesive result on your site.

Not only can you use the photos and videos we shoot for you on the site itself, but you can also showcase them on your business social accounts, newsletters, and other avenues of promotion. You will own all of the materials to use as you see fit.

We work and communicate directly with all other departments working on your website.

That means we can sync up with any other department to make sure our projects are aligned at any point in time. You never want a website to look like a patchwork of content, design, and photo and video that’s poorly pieced together. 

With our in-house photo video team, we ensure that our portion is in tune with every other aspect of the website project for unified end product.

Because we work with all other departments on the site, this ensures that all relevant information is getting passed between every single department. As a client, you won’t have to constantly repeat everything about your business to multiple people who are unfamiliar with you. 

We make sure that we all know everything we can about every client. If we’re unsure of something, we can go to our coworkers, who are well versed in our clients, to stay on top of important information. This makes for easier communication for everyone involved in the project.

Your photos and videos will be seamless across your entire site.

Editing styles between photographers can vary greatly. Since you’ll be working closely with our small photo-video team, it will be the same editing style throughout the entire project. 

The end result? Photos and videos on your site that flow together seamlessly to tell your story. Our photo-video team is consistent with their products to make sure that you are cohesively represented throughout your site.

We come to you so there’s minimal disruption of your business.

We know our clients are busy doing what they do best. That’s why we make it a priority to minimize disruption when we come to shoot photos and video for your site. Clients almost never have to close or shut down while we shoot. 

With our planned itinerary, we make sure to maximize our time while we’re onsite so there is very minimal disruption to the work day for you. Our team of photo and video experts works hard to highlight everyone and everything about your business.

You also don’t have to worry about traveling to us to have pictures or videos taken. We always come to you, because we want the photos and videos on the site to reflect the location of your business and the day-to-day activities of your staff. If you are ever in need of studio space (such as for headshots, product photos, etc.) we are more than happy to host you at Lifted Logic’s in-house studio!

Lifted Logic | Professional Photography and Video

Not sure where to start with professional photos and videos for your website? Lifted Logic would love to collaborate with you to make something unique for your business! Our photography and video professionals have the creativity and knowledge to make your shoot a success. 

We know what to highlight and how to showcase your workplace, staff, services, or products. Our years of experience have made us professionals that know how to take your business site to the next level through photo and video. 

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