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Why You Should Avoid Template Based Website Providers

Design / August 3, 2016

man-working-on-website-layout-picjumbo-comDo not be tempted with template based website providers such as Wix or Weebly for your business’ online presence. Learn why you should avoid template based website providers!

With the Internet expanding and businesses jumping online to make an impact, it is easy to be fooled by companies that promote “Let’s get your website online today!” These types of companies suck you in with promises of an easy, user-friendly website for a “small” monthly fee. What do these types of providers actually give you for your money? Lifted Logic is here to help you learn why you should avoid template based website providers.

Why You Should Avoid Template Based Website Providers

When you try to take the easy way out and turn to companies like Wix or Weebly, be prepared to encounter some issues that they will not tell you about. Some of these can include:

  • Lack of originality: Your website will look exactly like the others who used that specific template as well. Your clients won’t remember you if they can’t see what sets you a part from other companies.
  • No control: If you use a template, you do not have control over the functionality of your website. What happens if you want to add a form or make changes? At Lifted Logic, we believe the client should be in control of their site.
  • Poor coding: With templates, you do not know who created your site. The developer could be talented, or it could be a novice developer who created low quality code for your site. This could result in serious issues for your site.
  • Poor SEO: SEO is a crucial component to the success of your website. Google does not like to push out sites from template based website providers over a quality, completely custom website.
  • Added expenses: A fee of $12 a month for a website may sound like a great idea, but these monthly expenses can add up over time. You shouldn’t be expected to pay money for a site that won’t perform the way you want it to.

Why spend a fortune on a website that won’t give you the results you need? Learn more about Lifted Logic’s custom website design services here.

Shouldn’t your website be as unique as you are? Contact Lifted Logic and ask how we can help you stand out today!

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