Videography In Kansas City

The expanding presence of video on the web is undeniable

Organic search engine optimization helps Lifted Logic help you. YouTube is the second most popular search engine worldwide and by embedding beautiful video playback directly into your web pages, we take full advantage of this opportunity for your business to be discovered. Google prefers results with integrated video and will place your web pages before those lacking media. Including video on your website helps prevent you from being lost amongst the hordes of online businesses and conveys large amounts of information in a compact and beautiful medium. After all, the best things do come in small packages.

Let us show your best side.

Online video doesn’t have to be dry. Lifted Logic blurs the lines between industrial and artisanal video, making sure your website has a personal touch. We know that your company is run by real people with real stories, and what better way to tell those stories than through stunning HD video? Our professional and award-winning videography team brings their talent, passion, and creativity to any location, along with top of the line equipment. When the shoot is over sit back, relax, and let us work our magic. Skillful post-production and digital graphics work are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Video on the go.

Not surprisingly, 55% of web browsing happens on mobile devices. We optimize every video for flawless playback on mobile so you never miss a chance to wow a viewer. Our brilliant development team integrates speed detection to disable auto play features on low speed internet connections and ensure that load times are lightning fast for everyone admiring your masterpieces.