Responsive Ecommerce Websites In Kansas City

Seamlessly on all devices.

If you’re running an online business, it is absolutely vital that the purchasing process is as simple as possible, no matter the device the user is browsing from. If users constantly have to scroll and zoom in order to purchase one of your products on their mobile device, it is likely that they are not going to convert into your customer. At Lifted Logic, we build each and every one of our ecommerce websites to be mobile and responsive to improve user experience and ensure that every user, no matter if they are on a phone, tablet, or big screen TV, can see every part of your website and access it quickly and easily.

Mobile & responsive ecommerce websites are key for success.

If Google is “recommending” responsive web design, you can bet that mobile and responsive ecommerce websites are incredibly more likely to see a boost in search engine results. Here’s just a few of the key benefits of having mobile and responsive ecommerce websites from Lifted Logic.

Your content looks better

Responsive ecommerce websites have the same style as the desktop site. It also looks great across all kinds of platforms from devices.

Users are significantly more satisfied

When you adapt your website to the user, rather than forcing them to adapt to your site, users will recall their experience on your website as incredibly useful and will come back time and time again.

It takes no time to manage

When you update your website, the updates translate to every device. With only one website to manage, rather than a desktop site and a mobile site, you don't have to split SEO campaigns, write duplicate content, or go back and forth at all. It's time-efficient and convenient.