Ecommerce Conversion Consulting In Kansas City

 What gets measured, gets results.

Every business measures success differently. It could be measured in service calls, online sales, in-store sales, new product awareness, publisher visibility, and so many other ways. Without proper measurement of those successes, a business can only run in circles trying to guess what isn’t working, what is working, and how it did, or didn’t, work.

“Any powerful idea is absolutely fascinating and absolutely useless until we choose to use it.”
– Richard Bach


Measure your success.

The most important aspect of any marketing investment is to have a plan of measurement. How are these products or services influencing the success of our business goals? How are they converting into paying clients or investors? How do we continue the engagement and increase the interactions? You must develop a plan on how to convert each marketing investment, and it has to be measurable.


This, by far, is the most challenging aspect of marketing that every business faces. It requires alignment of the business’ goals to the marketing strategy. Lifted Logic’s marketing team can help you develop a measurable goal, and determine how an ecommerce website is working, or not working enough, toward accomplishing that goal.