Ecommerce Analytics Consulting In Kansas City

You must know how users are interacting with your online shop.

An ecommerce website and a physical retail location are, in essence, the same thing. You cannot operate a retail store without knowing who is walking in, what they are looking at, and why they make a purchase, or choose not to make a purchase. At Lifted Logic, we have a certified ecommerce Google Analytics consultant who can help you get to the heart of why your ecommerce website is, or isn’t performing.

“Care about your customers more than about yourself, and you’ll do well.”

Ask the Right Questions


Understanding Your Users 

Every business should be asking themselves questions about their website and asking them often. How is the site performing? Is it making us money? Enough money? Is it engaging our target audience and market? How are people finding our website? What are they doing when they get there? Do they like what they see? Are they filling their cart and then checking out? Most of the time, business owners answer these questions based on assumptions and perceptions. However, in the ecommerce business, it is not enough to blindly throw darts at a board and hope they hit the bullseye.

So, how does one become able to answer the above questions, you ask? Just like physical retail locations have measures in place to determine the success of their store, ecommerce websites do too, through incorporating free Google Analytics. By measuring how you get your visitors, what they are doing on the site, how they are behaving, what they interact with, what they buy, if they call, if they email or fill out a form, and so much more, you can drive the most conversions possible through your website.