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Social Media Handles

Do my social media handles affect SEO?

Social Media / February 26, 2020

Keywords: to use, or not to use? 💀

If you’re delving into business social media for the first time, you may have found yourself stuck on the first step—creating your profile. 

While you may have already created a social media handle off the top of your head in order to forge ahead with filling out your profile, we’d highly encourage you to take a step back and consider your handle. 

Below, we’ll go over everything you need to know about choosing a social media handle—and whether your social media handles can actually affect SEO.

What is a social media handle?

A social media handle is essentially a username or “tag” that social media users see in order to identify who you are.

How do I pick one?

When considering which social media handle you should create, hopefully your very first instinct is your business’s name spelled out.



If it’s not, you may have tried to get “cute” with your social media handle and choose something like:


Let’s be clear. Keywords in your social media handle will not necessarily help you in organic search results (SEO).

But your social media handle can still affect SEO.

How social media handles can affect your SEO

If a user were on Instagram and wanted to find Lifted Logic, they may just search our name. 

If our social media handle were @webdesigninKansasCity, there’s way less likely of a chance that they will find us.

That’s because people aren’t looking on social media for your services. They’re looking for you.

Be sure that whatever you decide on your social handle, that it is, at minimum: 

  1. Encompassing of your business name
  2. Short
  3. Consistent across any and all social platforms you plan to use

Handle already taken? We’ve seen it before. Don’t sweat it! Just add underscores (_) or dashes (-) in between words if possible. 

By the time you add your profile picture (which should be your logo), and a description (in your “About”) section, your clients should have an easy enough time differentiating you between other, similar account handles.

And if all of that doesn’t work, contact Lifted Logic and we can help you brainstorm a logical social media handle that will work for you.

Long story short? Save the keywords for your #hashtags, where searchable content was meant to live.

Not sure which social media handle is right for you?

Lifted Logic is a small-but-mighty digital agency in Kansas City. We serve a small number of new clients each year so we are able to dedicate our time and effort towards making every project we work on the best it can be.  

Learn about how to measure your social media success → 

If you’re still wondering whether or not your company should use social media—or how—feel free to give us a call or come out to our Kansas City office for a cup of coffee. Our social media managers will be happy to brainstorm, nit pick, and strategize with your team for the best possible social media handles to help you achieve your short-term and long-term marketing goals.


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