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‘Keyword research’ is a term that refers to how an SEO analyst decides what keyword should be targeted for a business’ online marketing campaigns.

Whether you’re taking an entirely organic approach through regular blogging, utilizing all that Google Ads and Remarketing has to offer, or some combination of the two, it is absolutely essential that proper keyword research is done before designing a strategy. Let Lifted Logic’s SEO gurus get to know everything about your website in SEO terms.

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Lifted Logic offers keyword research as a standard part of our ongoing SEO efforts.

There are many approaches to finding which keywords are best to target in an SEO or CPC campaign. The most important piece of any approach, however, is to recognize the intention of the search that will be performed (and this is where most analysts will get it wrong). Analysts use a range of tools to get an idea of what keywords to target. Tools that give traffic estimates of keywords, programs that show the business’ current organic rankings of keywords, software that measures how competitive keywords can be, and many, many more.

General Search Categories.


"clogged drain repair Home Depot" is an example. The intention of this search is to get to and navigate their website for an answer.


"how to file for bankrupcy online." Here, the searcher's intent is to find an answer or information and learn more about a specific topic.


"plumber in Overland Park" or "bankruptcy attorney Olathe." You can see that these searches have conversion potential, hence the term 'transactional'.

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