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Professional Video Services in Blue Springs

Photo & Video / July 15, 2014

Promotional videos are absolutely huge these days. YouTube gets about four billion views each day and people prefer receiving information visually, rather than reading pages of content. The world of video marketing is booming right now and if you’re looking to shoot a promotional video for your website, Lifted Logic is absolutely perfect for you! We offer professional video services in Blue Springs, and all over the Kansas City metro area. Our videos are professionally filmed and edited by our award-winning videographers and our clients have absolutely loved the work we’ve done for them (Check all around this posts to see some of our videos). In case you’re not aware of the massive benefits to be received from our professional video services in Blue Springs, here’s just a few:

Increases SEO Competitiveness

As we all know, Google integrated a video search function years ago. This means that there’s opportunity for more links to be indexed and more search results spots up for grabs. If you believe that a video is a waste of time and that very view potential clients will be viewing it, think again. Studies have estimated that about 80% of online users view a promotional video in its entirety, and a significant number of those will purchase the company’s products or inqire about its services (Source). When you turn to Lifted Logic for our professional video services in Blue Springs, your website has a significant competitive advantage over competitors not only because you’ll look much more credible and professional, but also because your site is has increased SEO opportunities.

Increased Conversion

Since video is a medium that appeals to multiple senses, it can inspire more feelings about a business or product and can provide for a better understanding of that business or its products. A user who can see the ins and outs of a company and its products in action, they feel more comfortable with the product or service and are extremely likely to make a purchase. It’s estimated that a user who views a product video is up to twice as likely to convert into a customer and will typically spend 9.1% more money than an average customer (Source). This just further explains how valuable our video services in Blue Springs can be!

Increased Brand Awareness

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no better way to introduce you and your business to the world than with a promotional video. When viewers can see who they’ll be hiring and all the faces that make up the company, they’ll be much more confident in the products or services they are purchasing. With our professional video services in Blue Springs, you’ll see the everyday activities of your business come together to tell a complete story. If a potential client or customer is able to see what you do and hear about your company in your own words, they are much more likely to convert than they are to a company without any visual interaction on their website.


The Benefits of Lifted Logic’s Professional Video Services in Blue Springs

At Lifted Logic, our professional video services in Blue Springs are our specialty. We’ve got all high-end, professional equipment and our talented videographers really know what they’re doing during both the filming and editing processes. If you haven’t considered bringing your company into the world of video marketing, we absolutely suggest you consider it. With all the advantages of our professional video services in Blue Springs, there’s really not much to lose. To get started on your project, call our office at 816-298-7018 or fill out the form below. We can’t wait to work with you!


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