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Professional Photography for Websites in Kansas City

Photo & Video / July 22, 2014

Ovation - HomeAt Lifted Logic, we love capturing breathtaking images and moments. Few things help users better understand what a company is all about than visual media, as it can capture human emotions and convey ideas in a way that written content alone cannot. We offer professional photography for websites in Kansas City to help our clients engage their viewers in an eye-catching and innovative way. We feature these gorgeous images on full-screen image sliders on homepages, as full-screen background images on other pages, and within various content throughout the website.

While other web development companies may not see the value of featuring high-resolution, original photos on a website, Lifted Logic certainly does and we always recommend businesses come to us for professional photography for websites in Kansas City. Not only do photos provide additional beauty and user-friendliness tLeasing KC homeo the website, but they are also encouraged for increasing search engine rankings on Google. Stock images that can be found anywhere are typically bland and do not provide users with any real insights into a company. The loss of that important human factor, effectively conveyed by Lifted Logic’s professional photography for websites in Kansas City, which introduces a potential customer to a company and who they will be working with can be detrimental to the success of a business. In an article on Mashable, one expert explained why the use of stock photos on websites must be abandoned:

“Authenticity and personality are more important now than ever. Customers want to interact with brands they trust and want to learn about the people behind the company. Rather than using stock photos for your website, try taking photos of your team or customers. You don’t want a customer to see the same stock photo on your website and your competitor’s website, which is a very real risk. Be real!”

Showing the real faces behind a company is an invaluable feature for a website that every business must keep in mind. When we provide professional photography for websites in Kansas City, users are able to view photos of products, services, and employees at a company, a feeling of trust is established in the user. This trust or bond, when effectively formed, has proven itself to be a substantial factor in the increase purchases of products or services from a company.

4Lifted Logic believes that visual media is absolutely vital to the success of a website. Our experienced, professional photographers have a keen eye for capturing breathtaking moments and they can certainly assist your company. To learn more about Lifted Logic’s professional photography for websites in Kansas City, just fill out the contact form below or call our office. We can’t wait to work with you!

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