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Lifted Logic in Olathe creates logos for small businesses.

Design / June 14, 2013

For our fellow small business owners in Olathe and beyond, we’ve got your logo on lock.

Lifted Logic in Olathe, KS believes it is important to brand your small business by creating an individualized logo. A logo is a symbol or small design adopted by an organization to identify its products. People have been using symbols to communicate since the time of hieroglyphics. Symbols are applied when conveying depth of information in an efficient manner, and they can be used to replace what would usually require a lot of explanation. Symbols are an excellent way to convey a concept – roadside signs are just one example. Symbols can be used for many reasons; Lifted Logic in Olathe uses them for the purpose of promoting small businesses.

Some business owners don’t understand the importance of branding their small business with a logo. They may believe it is unnecessary and only for big corporations. But the importance of creating a unique logo design for a small business shouldn’t be minimized. This applies to building a brand as well; whether you invest in your brand or not, you’re creating your brand at every moment. It’s up to you whether your brand conveys a positive or negative image or feeling in the minds of your customers.

With a logo, you can use a symbol and/or font style to convey information about your business that can be easily remembered by potential and existing customers. A logo is an important part of your company’s brand, which embodies how your customers both think and feel about you. Logos are very important when establishing a relationship with new customers. Small businesses with logos have an advantage because professional logo design conveys a feeling of trust. Most people are willing to pay more to have a relationship with a trusted company rather than a generic, unknown business.

No matter your location, if your company presents a logo on its website, business cards and vehicles, your small business will appear more established and successful. Click on the form below and allow Lifted Logic in Olathe help you create a logo for your small business!

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