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Interactive Videos in Kansas City

Interactive Videos in Kansas City

Photo & Video / February 8, 2016

Engage with your viewers by integrating interactive videos into your website. Contact Lifted Logic for interactive videos in Kansas City!

At Lifted Logic, we know that our viewers like to use technology that is new, modern, and innovative. We love to use videos to build a relatable and personable relationship between the business and the consumer. What if we told you we could take it a step further? Lifted Logic can help engage with your viewers through interactive videos in Kansas City.

Why should I use interactive videos?

More and more businesses are discovering the powerful effects of using videos and photography in their website. Lifted Logic’s team of videographers can use their expertise in the field to make the video experience unforgettable to users. For example, our videographers can integrate the date, time, weather, location, and viewer platform into the video each time it is watched.

According to a source, “We all know that today’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. By adding an interaction right where the audience retention drops for the first time (around 0:20) you can keep your viewers engaged and drive them deeper into the experience, rather than having them click away.”

We could go on and on about how much we love interactive videos and why. Here are a few of our favorite reasons:

  • Higher user engagement and longer viewer attention
  • Increased completion rates and return on investment
  • Improved SEO performance

Lifted Logic is a one-of-a-kind web development and design agency. We are one of the few in the area who are able to utilize this technology and customize it to fit your business goals.

Ready to learn more about interactive videos in Kansas City? Schedule a meeting with Lifted Logic today!

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