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Improving Your E-Commerce Websites in Kansas City

Design / July 14, 2014

At Lifted Logic, we specialize in building custom e-commerce websites in Kansas City. In order for a website that sells products and services to be effective, it must be optimized to be as user-friendly as possible. You need to bring in a design that reflects your company’s products and services, have excellent content written about the product, a solid internal search function, and be all-around pleasing to the eye. With some help from this recent article on, Lifted Logic is going to detail some tips for improving your e-commerce websites in Kansas City, and how our services cover all these useful tips to make sure your online shop is incredibly successful!

evolve product page

Unique Selling Point

According to the experts, each online shop must have a unique selling point (USP) in which you detail to customers why your product or service is better than the rest of the comptetition. According to Yoast, the best way to do this is to “focus on a great About Us page. And [feature] loads of positive testimonials and reviews for both your products and your shop as a whole. Something that’s left out even more is a blog. If you have a unique product or service, you must have something to say about it.” At Lifted Logic, we provide SEO blogging services and our copywriters can polish your “About” page to perfection. It’s simple changes that will really have you on your way to improving your e-commerce websites in Kansas City.

Useful Product Descriptions

wink product descriptionExcellent content is absolutely crucial for product or service pages. Simply using manufacturer descriptions is not enough to engage potential customers and won’t convince them to purchase your product or service. Another key benefit to useful product descriptions is the SEO factor involved. Product pages can indeed be ranked by Google and can play a major role when it comes to the visibility of your site on search engine results. This is again where Lifted Logic’s copywriters come in. We understand that writing is not everyone’s forte, which is why our copywriters are trained to write SEO content for your products and they’ll focus on maintaining your unique selling point throughout each product or service description.

Effective Internal Search Function

dimebag search

All e-commerce websites in Kansas City should have an internal search function that effectively points customers in the direction of the product they are searching for. According to Yoast, an online shop search should feature: an image of the product, a “click here for more details” link, all products listed on one page instead of clicking to the next page, have products sorted by relevance, among a few other useful features. The e-commerce websites in Kansas City that Lifted Logic builds feature these search functions that really expand user-friendliness and ease of navigation on a website’s online shop. If a customer cannot quickly find what they’re looking for on your company’s site, they will quickly find the website of a competitor to purchase the product they need.


Lifted Logic’s Approach to E-Commerce Websites in Kansas City

At Lifted Logic, we specialize in providing our clients with e-commerce websites in Kansas City that meet many of the useful tips given by the experts at Yoast. Our talented designers and developers create unique, gorgeous designs and websites for each client and our copywriters provide polished and user-friendly content that’s perfect for selling your companys products and services to a wide variety of customers. Contact us today by filling out the form below and see what kind of e-commerce websites in Kansas City we can build for your company! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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