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Effective Calls-to-Action for Your Website in Olathe!

Design / July 10, 2014

What’s one of the most frequent questions we hear regarding user interaction on websites in Olathe?

“I’m getting visitors to my website, but most of them don’t get past the homepage…What can I do??”

Sometimes the answer to that question is a full homepage redesign. If a user lands on a homepage that is cluttered, unattractive or outdated, they will most likely click the “back” button faster than you can say “lost customer.” But what if your homepage design isn’t so bad? Creating effective call-to-action buttons is one of the best practices you can implement to promote activity through your website in Olathe.

Make your contact phone number visible and click-able!

First things first: Don’t make visitors search all over your homepage or contact page for a contact phone number. If you want visitors to be able to directly contact customer service or a member of your sales team, be sure the number is easily visible. The most common area to place a contact number is in the top, right-hand corner of the homepage It’s usually a good idea to follow that trend since users are conditioned to look for that placement. As with all of our custom websites, Lifted Logic will ensure that when a user clicks on the phone number from their smart phone, the phone function will automatically open with your contact number displayed. This allows the potential customer to quickly and easily contact your Olathe business.

Lifted Logic's custom homepage design for MCH Infinite Access includes an easy-to-see contact phone number that users can dial from their smart phone.
Lifted Logic’s custom homepage design for MCH Infinite Access includes an easy-to-see contact phone number that users can dial from their smart phone.

Use those verbs!

Good copywriting isn’t just important for the main content paragraphs of your website. You’ll need to use your best copywriting skills to create clean, succinct phrases to create effective calls-to-action. Be sure any call-to-action button includes a VERB. When writing for calls-to-action for your website in Olathe, try completing this sentence: “I want to _______.” This will force you to include a verb and create an action that your users actually want to do! For example, “I want to learn more,” “I want to get a free quote,” or “I want to become a member” all contain copy that promotes taking an action to achieve a result.

The homepage of MCH Data includes "above the fold" calls-to-action with strong verbs.
The homepage of MCH Data includes “above the fold” calls-to-action with strong verbs.

Place buttons “above the fold.”

A phrase you may have heard before is “above the fold.” This idea is taken from the newspaper industry (newspapers, remember those?) and refers to the portion of a webpage that is visible, without scrolling, when the page first opens. If your call-to-action buttons are not visible when a visitor first lands on your homepage, the visitor may never see them and they won’t get inspired to further interact with your website.

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