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Customizable Products in Kansas City

Nothing is too complicated for us! Call Lifted Logic today to ask about our customizable products in Kansas City for ecommerce websites.

At Lifted Logic, there is no task too great or too complicated for us. We are experts in ecommerce website design and development. It doesn’t matter if your product is completely customizable or a standard product, we are excited to help you get your products out there! Our high-end websites are designed to be efficient, functional, modern, and user-friendly. We can sell your product whether it is custom dog beds, truck bed racks, meals influenced from the paleolithic era, or anything else you can possibly think of. Come to Lifted Logic for your customizable products in Kansas City!

Why should I choose Lifted Logic for my customizable products in Kansas City?

Lifted Logic designs, develops, and adds key features to every ecommerce website. We include the following into every ecommerce website we develop:

  • Ecommerce design and development: It is crucial that every component of a website work together flawlessly. Our developers ensure that every website has the necessary and vital functions that all good ecommerce websites have, such as: account log ins, carts, product pages with pictures, prices, and descriptions, product filters, etc.
  • Mobile & responsive ecommerce: With everyone utilizing their mobile devices for everything from phone calls to searching the internet, it is important that your website keeps up with the “on-the-go” trend. Our websites are fully mobile and response to keep up with the crowd!
  • Shipping and taxes: Trying to figure out shipping and taxes is a real headache, especially when the rates are different according to location. Luckily, we have experience integrating the APIs from mailing services that calculates shipping costs automatically, as well as automatically calculating even the more complex tax rates.
  • Tracking: Lifted Logic tracks the progress of your ecommerce site with a certified ecommerce analytics consulting service. We will show you what is working for your business and what could use some improvement.

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To schedule a coffee meeting with us today, click on the red button to your left. We can’t wait to learn more about you!