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Creative Online Marketing in Kansas City

Business & Marketing Strategy / June 12, 2014

If you’re looking for creative online marketing in Kansas City or surrounding areas, check out Lifted Logic today! Our awesome web designers, developers, and copywriters build custom websites for our clients using the latest technologies. Lifted Logic employs some of the most creative minds in Kansas City who come up with creative, SEO content for your site, no matter the services you offer or promote. Our experienced staff thinks outside the box to offer the most creative online marketing in Kansas City. Moz, an SEO consultancy, posted an article with some interesting marketing tips for designers and copywriters to keep in mind while launching an online marketing campaign for a client. Though the author of this post focuses on “boring” businesses, his advice really applies to marketing for any type of client:

Sideways Thinking

In client meetings, always explain that the audience for their site already exists: marketing and advertising opportunities are available for any type of product or industry, its just a matter of seizing those opportunities to capture the audience that is going to be interested in your product. If you find yourself stuck on writing content for a particularly niche website, consider shaking up your usual routine to really get a feel for the client through its customers, employees, or even its CEO. Utilizing sideways thinking can really result in creative content for your client that you may not have discovered otherwise.sideways thinking


This concept really expands on aspects of sideways thinking. To really get in-depth information about your client, be sure to establish contact and dialogue with members of the various levels within the particular company. With a wide variety of perspectives, any marketer or SEO-er can gain unique insights on the company that can be turned into amazing creative content. It’s easy to reach out to employees through email and many will be more than happy to help you out.

On-Site Visits

If you are sitting in your office writing content for a client and need a change of scenery, consider asking your client if you would be able to work occasionally on-site at their location. Prepare to be bombarded with inspiration by simply being immersed in the environment of the company you are promoting. You can take unique photos and talk to even more employees to get a better feel for the company. This approach also really impresses your client with the amount of dedication you are willing to put forth in creating the best website content you can for them.

The Lifted Logic Approachcontact

At Lifted Logic, we make a point to get to know all about our client’s businesses and we heed the above advice to the best of our abilities. We take group trips out to clients’ locations and hold individual meetings on-site to ensure that we are providing the most effective online marketing in Kansas City. We study the pages of the client’s current website and hold frequent meetings to make sure their new website will meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We can also do professional photo and video shoots to add an extra creative touch to a client’s custom website. Fill out the form below to get in contact with us today! We can’t wait to get started on your online marketing in Kansas City!

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