CPC Marketing In Kansas City

Effectively drive conversions.


CPC marketing is often associated with mystery and confusion and is littered with buzzwords with little meaning. The truth is that there is no magic. Successful CPC marketing simply requires an expert, who knows how to utilize every possible feature offered by Google AdWords and ensuring that costs are managed efficiently. Most importantly, the campaigns must align with a company’s business and development goals: the idea is to make money on the marketing investment by converting each visitor to a sale and deepening the profit with continuing client retention. Stop just driving traffic through CPC campaigns and focus on driving the right CPC traffic that is likely to convert and then see how effective our efforts are for yourself through measurable data.

Our talented marketing team specializes in strategy, measurement, and conversion of CPC (cost-per-click) marketing. Equally as important, we believe that paid advertising and marketing strategies must grow and change to keep pace with a business’ evolving goals and strategies. Using proven methods, we offer fluidity and flexibility in our approach to CPC marketing, based off of what is working and what is not working.


Paid search marketing venues.

Google AdWords Search CPC

Our Google AdWords experts make driving traffic and increasing conversions easier than ever. Rather than cutting corners, we implement tried and true methods proven to boost your marketing efforts.

Bing Ads Search CPC

Bing Ads allow you to reach audiences no matter which browser they choose. Our strategic campaigns effectively target the right people for high-quality leads.

Google AdWords Display & Remarketing

We create targeted campaigns to reach users who have previously visited your site. As they are browsing the web, your brand remains at the forefront of their minds through effective Adwords display and remarketing.

Bing Ads Content Marketing

Our Lifted Logic content team crafts strong content to enhance your Bing Ads performance. Through effective content marketing strategies and techniques, we go beyond traditional marketing to help your brand stand out.

YouTube Video Ads

With YouTube growing larger every day, we use high definition video advertising so you can reach a more visual audience. Each ad we create comes fully customized to your brand standards and marketing goals.