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The Dos and Don’ts of Working From Home | Advice from a Digital Agency

Once upon a time, before the COVID-19 outbreak, we woke up every morning, got dressed, and headed off to our place of work. Good times, right?

Almost overnight, however, a huge chunk of the American workforce went remote. For those who have never worked from home before, the transition has probably been bumpy. After all, you’re used to “home” being the place where you chill and escape the office 💆

The Lifted Logic team is no different, and we suspect our clients and colleagues are facing similar challenges. We asked the question, “What have you learned to do and not do while working from home?” to the group, and we’ve compiled these (non-ridiculous) tips straight from the LL team for you below!

Do: Set up your workspace just like your office desk

If it looks like work and it feels like work, it’s work, right? If you’re allowed, take home your extra monitor, your mouse, your keyboard, and anything else that you require to get shit done. Not only does this help ease the transition, it gives you no excuse for a decline in productivity. 

It’s also important to think about where you’d like your home workspace to be. We suggest staying away from rooms that are associated with relaxation (i.e. no bedrooms or living rooms) and try to have a place that’s just for work. This will help you get into a productive frame of mind.

Don’t: Think of this as a vacation

When you work in an office every day, the occasional work from home day might feel like a nice break. However, now that we are all working remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s important to stay focused.

A good rule of thumb is, “If you wouldn’t do it at work, don’t do it at home.” Make sure your friends and family know that even though you’re home, you need at least 8 hours a day to work. You wouldn’t take a FaceTime call from your mom at the office, nor would you spend all day messaging with your friendssave it for after 5pm when there’s nothing else to do!

Turn off notifications and make yourself invisible online (except to coworkers) so you can stay on track.

Do: Stay in communication with your team & take time for “water cooler” chat

It’s important to maintain a semblance of normalcy during uncertain times. For the Lifted Logic office, this involves department Zoom calls every morning to go over daily tasks and see everyone’s faces plus Friday 20-person video chats where we show off our dogs and talk about anything else on our minds. We also use a chat platform to ensure we’re all connected.

Not only does this help everyone stay on task and see how their work contributes to the whole company, it also helps keep us sane! Distractions are bound to happen with group chats, but we say it’s worth it to laugh at a funny cat video or plan a March Madness-style office dog competition (coming soon!).

Don’t: Wear pants during Zoom meetings (also, don’t: stand up during Zoom meetings)

All the “experts” at working from home say you should dress like you would at the office and unto that we say, “But why?” 🤷 When life hands you the opportunity to remain pantsless and wear fuzzy slippers, you should always take it. 

We are not suggesting you should throw your appearance to the wayside and show up in video calls unshowered and in your pajamas. Rather, put on something presentable yet comfortable and dress your bottom half keeping in mind that no one is going to see you from the chest down anyway. Just, for the love of all that is awesome in the world, don’t stand up.

Do: Exercise & stretch

While working from home, your longest walk of the day shouldn’t be from your bed to your workspace. Gyms and most other activities might be closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out and take a walk or follow at-home workouts. 

At minimum, you should focus on stretching throughout the day to keep “office body syndrome” at bay. Ten minutes of stretching every few hours can be extremely beneficial for your posture, back, and legs.

Exercise naturally releases endorphins in your body, which make you happier, more focused, and much more productive. Take your lunch break and go for a walk or do a quick YouTube yoga session. We promise your body, mind, and probably your boss will thank you for it #Namaste 🧘

Don’t: Even think about working from your bed

When you think about your bed, you think about sleeping and relaxing, not work. We know how tempting it feels to roll over and grab your laptop and start “working”, but this will only lead to problems. 

Besides hurting your back and posture, working from bed makes it very easy to fall asleep, slack off, or get distracted by the TV. Plus, think about how uncomfortable you’d be joining a business video meeting with someone clearly in their bed 😬

Do: Mix it up!

Though it is important to keep a focused workspace in your home, it may also be necessary (especially for creatives) to get a change of scenery to keep blocks at bay. Take your laptop and go find a spot where you can stand and work for a little bit, get closer to a window to capture some sun, or just take an hour or two to work outside. 

Don’t: Forget to do whatever works best for you

Ultimately, it’s all about getting work done and making this time as smooth as possible for everyone. Take our tips with a grain of salt and find out what works best for you.

If you have any helpful tips for working from home you want to share, be sure to send us a message on social media! 

Check out some of our other resources for navigating your business through the COVID-19 outbreak, avoiding cabin fever, and don’t hesitate to ask us any other questions about design, marketing, or web development. 

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