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Recent 30 Mar 2020

Quarantine Activities

Got Cabin Fever? How not to become Jack Nicholson’s character in “The Shining”

by Lifted Logic

If you’re doing the responsible thing for yourself and everyone else by staying home and social distancing during this Coronavirus pandemic craziness, first, let us say thank you! We’re over two weeks into quarantine mode, and based on personal experience, we bet you’re probably starting to go a little stir-crazy

With nowhere to go (except to the store to fight over toilet paper) and few people to do anything with, stir-craziness can easily evolve into full blown cabin fever. When this happens, MOST of us may experience (according to WebMD) restlessness, depression, anxiety, decreased motivation, irritability, and lethargy. 

However, we know there’s a chance that some readers might experience a case of cabin fever so severe that they become a homicidal maniac with axe-swinging tendencies á la Jack “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” Torrance in Stanley Kubrick’s film, “The Shining.” This has led us to present our best tips for avoiding cabin fever during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Start a new book (or read Todd’s blog)

There are few better escapes for the mind than a good book (or in Todd’s opinion, his own blog Of Whiskey & Words is also a good escape). If it’s been a while and you’re not sure where to start, we suggest exploring Goodreads or making a post on the Suggest Me A Book subreddit.

Now, when we say “starting a new book,” that could mean two different things: start reading a book, or start writing one of your own Now, you’re probably thinking, “But I’m not a writer!” Well, the best way to learn how to write? Write. The best way to improve your writing? Write some more. Your writing skill is a muscle that needs to be repeatedly flexed to get stronger. After all, what else do you have to do?

No one expects you to be the next Stephen King, or to even write fiction. You can journal, “word vomit” all of your thoughts, write content for your company, or send a letter to a friend or family member. Trust us, as long as you’re not writing “All work and no play makes [Insert Your Name Here] a dull boy” on your typewriter over and over, you’re already ahead of the game.

Download Houseparty

Houseparty is the perfect app for a world on lockdown. This video chat app uses your contacts to connect to your friends who also have the app. Up to eight people can simultaneously video chat and if the “door” to the chat is left open, friends of friends can “walk in” and join the conversation! There’s also in-chat games to play like trivia and Heads Up.

With bars and restaurants closed for the foreseeable future, Houseparty is the closest you can get to a happy hour or a night out. Plus, how many other times will you get to see your friends and meet new people while not wearing pants?!

Try at-home rage yoga

Since we can’t describe it better ourselves, we’ll defer to the movement’s official website: “Rage yoga [reyj yohguh] noun: a practice involving breath work, positional exercises, and the expressing of raw emotions with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f*uck. More than just a practice, Rage Yoga is an attitude and a method of connecting you to your most Badass Self.”

If you’ve ever wanted to get your yoga on, while also screaming, cursing, drinking, and flipping the bird, your prayers have been answered There are even online classes for purchase or do a YouTube search to see what you can find.

Befriend some twin ghosts

Just saying, if Danny Torrance had taken advantage of the opportunity to play with the creepy twins instead of ignoring them, he might have had a much better experience at the Overlook Hotel. 

For those who can’t seem to fine-tune their inner Shining to locate any ghost friends, we recommend calling an old friend, checking in on elderly family members, or planning a wine and movie night via FaceTime with your bestie ‍♀️

Putting things on your calendar will give you something to look forward to, and will surely keep you from resorting to frantically riding your tricycle around your house or apartment.

Remember, unlike Jack Torrance, you can (& should) go outside!

Cabin fever is called cabin fever because you’re stuck inside and usually totally snowed in. Social distancing doesn’t translate to, “Become a recluse.” It just simply means to avoid crowded places like stores, events, and restaurants and staying a healthy distance away from others. 

Feel free to work outside (after reading our tips for keeping your business alive during the COVID-19 outbreak), take your dog for frequent walks, go for a drive with the windows down, or anything else that maximizes your time in the sunshine ☀️ Not only does it help your immune system (hello, Vitamin D!), but it’s good for your soul, too. 

Get up, get out, & show cabin fever who’s boss

You can practice good social distancing and safety while also not sacrificing your sanity (or trying to kill your whole family). 

Everyone at Lifted Logic is wishing you and your family good health and safety during this time ❤️ Have more tips to prevent cabin fever? Feel free to share with us on social media!

If you need to contact us, we’re still here! Reach out today with questions about business, SEO, web design, or anything else your mind has wandered to in this strange and uncertain time.

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