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Testimonial Video Production in Olathe

Photo & Video / July 4, 2014

Written client testimonials are important to the success of a business. Your company can tell potential clients about the great services and products you provide, but it’s hard for anyone to believe you unless they can hear from another customer themselves. Testimonials can back up the claims you make about your services and turn your customers into spokespeople for your brand. While written testimonials are good, turn to Lifted Logic for your testimonial video production in Olathe and make it great! (See video testimonials from Lifted Logic clients we shot throughout this post!)

Lifted Logic’s testimonial video production in Olathe is so much better for your company because they build a greater connection between your potential client and your current one. When people can put a human face to the recommendation they are seeing, they are more likely to trust the person and what they have to say. Another key benefit to a video testimonial is that they don’t sound too sales-focused. At Lifted Logic, we believe that client testimonial videos should be delivered in the client’s own words—not scripted. With our testimonial video production in Olathe, your videos will come across as an unbiased review of your services.

 Entrepreneur Magazine published an article about what makes a great video testimonial, so you can be sure to pick the right clients for the job:

  • It’s filled with benefits. The testimonial should be full of the wonderful benefits your products and services provide for the customer. Take Entrepreneur‘s example, “This product doubled our profits in a month!”
  • It backs up your claims. The testimonial should validate things you say about your company in advertising.
  • It comes from a client that many can relate to. The client you choose should be relatable to really highlight that you can help a variety of people.
  • It’s comparative. The testimonial must show what sets your product apart from the competition.

Lifted Logic features some of the best videography services in Kansas City, and when you turn to us for your testimonial video production in Olathe, you can be sure that your company will get the most out of its testimonials. Fill out the form below to contact us and make sure you stand out among the rest with your stunning testimonial video production in Olathe today!

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