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Recent 20 Jan 2023

Jobs for English Majors in Kansas City

English majors, your dream job awaits.

by Charlie Huette, Creative Director

I’ll put this as simply as I can: composing understandable written sentences is a useful skill. Some people underestimate this skill. (Not coincidentally, those are generally the same people who text at 7:45 p.m. looking to workshop an ultra-high-stakes email to Renee in HR.) Lifted Logic is not among the doubters: we have jobs for English majors in Kansas city. 

Let me tell you something, English major to English major: you will meet many other English majors over the course of your career, and they’ll be doing all kinds of different jobs. Some people interpret this fact as evidence that an English degree leads nowhere. That’s one way to look at it, I guess. The other is that your English degree leads in many directions.  

What are jobs for English majors in Kansas City?

Here’s the awesome thing about English majors (and I realize I’m speaking to the choir here, but in the event I’m speaking to the choir’s doubtful stepfather, I want to be as clear as I can): The writing skills you’ve been practicing are extremely useful–and not just for friends and family who want you to “look over” their cover letters. They ask you to do that because you have legit skills, and there are businesses who need those skills. Lifted Logic is one of them. 

The web is mostly words. English majors study words. Need I say more?

Next time you Google something, take a minute to not just read your results but also look at them. Words, words, words. Search basically runs on words, and for that reason we’re always looking for skillful writers to join our team. We’re looking for people who can

  • control (and change at will) their written voice and tone
  • learn specialized vocabularies
  • read and understand complicated written documents 
  • know exactly when a pun is called for in the work chat

But maybe you want to do something other than write! That’s ok! 

Your degree doesn’t define you. We know that.

We recognize (and celebrate) the fact that no academic major can completely prepare you for anything–including working at Lifted Logic. After all, we work on the web, and the web is complex and ever-changing. 

Every day at Lifted Logic is different (which is part of the fun), and every day we need new ideas. How can anyone fully prepare for that? You can’t. You’ll obviously be prepared in some ways, but also not prepared in others.  

We think your English degree is cool (and we can’t wait to talk books with you), but we’re not super interested in what you bring to Lifted Logic as an English major. We care what you bring as you–your passions, your interests, your preoccupations–you know, all the stuff that inspired you to become an English major in the first place. Those are the ideas and influences that direct the ebb and flow of your mind, and that help you discover new ways to approach the written work that forms the foundation of so much of our creative work.

Think you’d be a good fit? Send us your info!

If this point of view resonates with you, and you feel like you’d be a good fit at Lifted Logic, take a minute to poke around the site, get to know us, and check out the open positions. We aren’t your typical journalism job in Kansas City, but you aren’t looking for a typical job, are you? (And that’s why we’ll get along so well!)

If you don’t see a specific position that tickles your fancy, use our virtual application tool to submit your info and help us understand where you may be a good fit! If we agree, we’ll reach out with a task for you that will tell us about your skills and approach to the sorts of work we do every day. We can’t wait to meet you. 

About the Author

Charlie Huette, Creative Director

Charlie is the new Creative Director here at Lifted Logic, and has a background in education, media production, operations, and whispering to animals. His expertise in multimedia marketing and brand communications makes him an invaluable collaborator in designing quality internal and client marketing content.