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Hiring an SEO Consultant in Leawood

Web Content & SEO / October 7, 2014

Looking for an effective SEO consultant in Leawood? Contact Lifted Logic!

TypingLast week, Forbes wrote an interesting article titled, “8 Biggest Mistakes in Hiring an SEO Company” and it had some awesome pointers for those interested in hiring an SEO consultant in Leawood, and all over the country. The mistakes highlighted by Forbes are issues we hear all the time from clients who come to us seeking a better SEO consultant in Leawood. While other SEO companies like to bog clients down in industry buzzwords to complicate what they actually do and use black hat SEO practices that will penalize websites in the long run, Lifted Logic believes in utilizing white hat, organic SEO practices and being an SEO consultant in Leawood that provides education and guidance in navigating the world of search engines. Here’s a few of the SEO firm mistakes according to Forbes and how Lifted Logic is the best SEO consultant in Leawood to turn to:

Buying Backlinks

This is a major red flag when hiring an SEO consultant in Leawood. While having backlinks certainly helps immensely with SEO, the practice of purchasing them is a sure-fire way to get penalized by Google. This black hat SEO practice will only ensure that your website will have unreputable, low quality backlinks that will really hurt your business’ online presence. At Lifted Logic, we focus on creating quality content to get backlinks in the Google-approved way, not through shady practices.

Promising Instant Results

blackhat-vs-whitehatAny SEO consultant in Leawood that promises results in even a month does not know how SEO really works. As Forbes says, “SEO takes time, and it’s an ongoing promise. As the results continue to improve, the right firm will continue to keep yielding positive results month over month, year over year.” At Lifted Logic, we never guarantee instant results or the absolute number one spot on Google’s search results. We do, however, promise that using the right practices, like organic SEO, will absolutely pay off for your business in the long run.

Long-Term Contracts

The Forbes article puts it perfectly, “If they want to get you tangled in a 12 month or longer commitment, ask yourself why. Maybe it’s so you can’t drop their services once you figure out why they’re not delivering on their promises?” As a white hat SEO consultant in Leawood, Lifted Logic never offers its services in an extended contract. Our clients pay for our services monthly and know, in full detail, everything that their services entail. If a client decides, for any reason, that they do not want to continue with our services, we allow them to at any time.


SEO_Ethical-300x222At Lifted Logic, we create a custom online SEO and marketing strategy for each client, based on their specific business, industry, and needs. If an SEO consultant in Leawood only offers various packages for services before they even know anything about you or your business, consider walking away. We get to know everything we can about our clients’ products, services, and unique history to ensure that we are representing the business in the best way possible when we provide our SEO services.

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contactAt Lifted Logic, we take a unique approach to being an SEO consultant in Leawood. We educate our clients so they can understand exactly what our SEO services entail, we have years of experience in the business, and we can always readily provide a wide range of references for our work. If you are thinking of hiring an SEO consultant in Leawood, get in touch with us today! Just fill out the form below or give our office a call to get started. We’re looking forward to helping your business grow the right way!

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