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Grow Your Business with Local SEO in Kansas City

Web Content & SEO / October 20, 2014

M2_CH3_PT2_Who_is_your_target_audienceLast week, the Huffington Post published an interesting article titled, “How Local SEO Speeds Up Small Business Growth.” This article primarily focuses on ways to optimize small businesses to make sure that they are still amassing local interest and using local marketing techniques in the face of a global marketing-centered world. At Lifted Logic, we specialize in promoting our client’s businesses through local SEO practices such as location-specific targeted SEO blog posts and Google AdWords campaigns to garner local interest in the business. We also provide custom print design services to supplement our local SEO in Kansas City so clients can market their business all over the metro area. A few of the Huffington Post’s suggestions for using local SEO in Kansas City include:

Validating Existence

Search engines like Google vastly favor providing users with local results. According to the article, “With local search features turned on in Google, for example, customers looking for ‘model trains’ would find driving three miles to find them makes more sense because shipping from United Kingdom is expensive. This reason alone is why Google adjusted (and continues to adjust) their algorithm to heavily favor localization.” When your business turns to Lifted Logic for local SEO in Kansas City, you will see the benefits directly from Google.

pinsEasier Content Marketing

If you find that you only have to compete for top search rankings on Google with other local businesses, content marketing gets much easier. Writing regular, original content for your website is the best way to boost your local SEO in Kansas City and when you can focus content on a local scale, you may find that it drives many more leads from the area directly to your business.

Increases Mobile Interest

local mapGoogle and Apple show local results first and foremost when a user performs a search from their mobile device. In order to be one of the top results, you’ll want to have come to Lifted Logic for local SEO in Kansas City. For example, “So, let’s assume a hungry family is passing through town and wants Stromboli for lunch. Your business is 100 times more likely to appear on the first page [if] you’ve spent the time in creating targeted local business pages to support your local business.”

Let Lifted Logic help you grow your business with local SEO in Kansas City

Utilizing effective, local SEO in Kansas City is one of the top was to garner business. When users find that your business is nearby and the most convenient, they will always opt for you instead of a national company. It’s so important to use local SEO to grow your business because it’s been proven that leads convert much more quickly when found through local searches. To get started with Lifted Logic’s approach to local SEO in Kansas City, just fill out the form below or call our office today!

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