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Effective Local SEO in Overland Park

Web Content & SEO / July 17, 2014

We all know that SEO is key for a successful online presence for any company. If you’re looking for effective local SEO in Overland Park, or anywhere in the Kansas City area, contact Lifted Logic today. While large national or international corporations don’t need to heavily focus on local SEO, small businesses or any businesses that gets a majority of its clients or customers locally thrive from it. Local SEO is different from national SEO in a few ways, most importantly that your business needs to have a local profile on Google, and other social media platforms, and blog posts should be targeted to specific, local cities. Forbes recently wrote an interesting article about the must-have strategies for effective local SEO. Here’s a few of them and Lifted Logic’s take on the subject:

local mapOptimize the Website

A local business’ website must detail the hours of operation, all services offered, and the company phone number in multiple locations on the website. A majority, if not all, of the blog posts written should highlight a specific city or town that’s in the local area to ensure content is specific to the area. As a part of Lifted Logic’s effective local SEO in Overland Park, we make sure all the custom websites we build prominently feature the contact information of our client. We also integrate a Google Maps map of the location onto the contact page of the site so that all users have to do is click for directions. We also offer blogging services, and our copywriters are sure to provide effective local SEO in Overland Park, or all over Kansas City, for our clients.

Build Up Online Reviews

Studies suggest that Google takes reviews into account to determine search ranking, since its goal is to provide users with the best match for their search query. Especially with the spike in use of the Google Maps app on mobile phones, users are much more likely to not even notice a company or business with no reviews or bad reviews. While we absolutely do not suggest that you resort to anything shady to get reviews, Forbes does have a few suggestions on how to encourage customer reviews on Google: “[. . .] you can put a button on your webpage so it’s easy to get started for visitors, prompt visitors to leave a review after purchasing something or visiting a particular landing page, or actually talk with people in your store or company about leaving a review.” A multitude of good reviews on Google can do tremendous things for effective local SEO in Overland Park.

York Companies' Website by Lifted Logic
York Companies’ Website by Lifted Logic

Feature Quality Photos

When local users are searching for a local business, they want to see photos of the company’s building, both inside and out. This helps acquaint users with your area of town and familiarizes them with the people they’ll be working with. These photos should be featured throughout your website and on your Google+ Local listing and other social media pages. Lucky for you, Lifted Logic believes that good photos are key for effective local SEO in Overland Park, and we offer professional photography services for clients. We come to your location, take pictures with our high-end cameras and equipment, and after we’ve edited, re-sized, and color corrected the photos, we put them into the best places on the website to be noticed and featured. A user that can see for themselves all of the high-quality features of your company.

Trust Lifted Logic for Effective Local SEO in Overland Park

When you trust Lifted Logic for effective local SEO in Overland Park, you are ensuring that your business will get noticed by both Google and the people in Kansas City. We constantly strive to ensure that our clients have the best chance of ranking high on search engines while providing them with gorgeous custom websites and high-resolution photos. If you’re interested in getting started on building effective local SEO in Overland Park, fill out the form below or call Lifted Logic’s office today! We’re eager to work with you!


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