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Consumer Blogging in Kansas City

So Why Do I Need Consumer Blogging in Kansas City?

After working with so many clients from every industry in the market, we realized our clients were missing opportunities. A successful website takes more nurturing than simply launching a site and walking away for two years. To help, we started offering on-going consulting services to our clients to reevaluate the performance of their website and to develop a plan to maximize the reach of their site.

A part of this on going service – consumer blogging in Kansas City and how to use it the right way.

Think of Your Site as a Person you Meet at a Networking Event.

Once your site is designed and launched it is officially ‘living’ online. What lives online is the core foundation – the home page, about page, service pages and etc. These pages typically have the essential pieces of information pertinent to your business, these pages probably won’t change.

Okay so, think of it like this: you meet someone at a networking event for the first time. They tell you the basic, essential information you need to know about them. You have a good idea of who they are and you move on.

The next week, you see the same person at the networking event and start a conversation. Only to find they tell you the exact same information. They don’t have any news, they don’t have industry insights to share, they don’t give career advice or offer to connect you with a contact who might further your career.

So what’s the point of coming back and talk to this person again?

Our point exactly.   

A blog on your website is a way to really expand and maximize the capability of your website to work for you.  The way that you blog should be tailored to fit the needs of your business and what you’re hoping to achieve with your blog. The opportunities are infinite and businesses are not limited to standard, boring all text posts.


5 Blogging Opportunities You Have to Consider


1. Develop Relationships with Customers


This is probably the biggest opportunity our clients can gain with a blog. Similar to fostering relationships with customers in person, your website can be a living source representing your brand online and fostering relationships with potential customers.  

Key: Consumers Go Online First.

If a consumer is going to make a significant purchase, their first step? Research online for the best product and/or service. Studies have shown if consumers are going to make a purchase over $200 they can begin researching online months in advance.

Catch your consumer when they first start researching for your product or service to build relationships with them. By doing so, when it’s time to make the purchase your brand is at the top of their mind.


2. Become an Industry Expert


This is also key! Unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed the big debate about fake news storming social media and the web. This poses a big challenge for consumers but a unique opportunity for industry experts.

Key: Be the non-fake news source.

Consumers are going to crave valuable and helpful content which is also factual and valid. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, and your blog post doesn’t have to be filled with fluffy bullshit. Write your post as if you were the consumer wanting to know the essential information to make a buying decision.

Plus, who else would know your industry better than you do? Creating valuable content which will help consumers make an informed decision will really pay off.


3. Ability to Distribute Your Content


Distributing content is really underrated in the web development world. By continually creating fresh content on your website with consumer blogging in Kansas City you have the ability to distribute this content to users. In return, your users will be brought back to your site to view the content you published.

Think of it as casting a reel while fishing – your website is the fisherman, distribution is the fishing line and your content is the bait.  What are you catching?  Users.

So what’s the point? The point is, you have a greater presence on multiple channels which increases your brand awareness and relevance. Driving users back to your site, by reading a blog post, will drive up your site traffic and SEO rankings.

Key: The Right Channel for Your Content

Maybe this sounds easy, but distribution is tricky. You have to deliver the right content to the right audience where they are expecting to find it.


4. Increase SEO Flexibility

If you worked with us, we spent so much time hashing out search key phrases for your website. We probably ran into the problem of choosing among great search key phrases but we could only choose one. Sound familiar?

With consumer blogging in Kansas City, your posts are essentially like adding another page to your website – it just isn’t visible in your main navigation bar. It’s a great opportunity to utilize the search key phrases you couldn’t use on your main site pages and use them as the starting point for a blog post.

Key: Balance strategy, relevancy & storytelling.

To be successful, you need to be creative with your key phrases and precise on key phrase placement to make sure your post is optimized for SEO yet friendly for your user to read. It’s a balance between key phrase strategy, valuable user content, and creative storytelling.


5. Rank Higher

That’s a major goal right? To be found when users search for you, and to rank higher than your competitors.

Key: They Should Call It ‘Earning Your Rank’
This statement is so true. In order for your site to rank high on a search engine, you have to meet the rules of the search engine’s algorithm. For Google? It’s about providing relevant content for users. The more relevant you are, the higher you will rank.  By following the above strategies and sticking to a content creation schedule, your site will show improvement.


Ready to maximize the impact of your site? Contact Lifted Logic today and let’s chat about consumer blogging in Kansas City.

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