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Lifted Logic is the premier, full-service digital agency in Kansas City. Our team of creatives design and build online experiences. We create unforgettable feelings and user engagements that elevate brands online.  For over 10 years, Lifted Logic has transformed thousands of companies in the KC area, across the nation, and internationally since its inception.




Solutions & relationships.

Lifted Logic has seen constant annual growth and success each year since inception.  We take on a small number of new projects each year so we can focus on long-term client relationships–from Fortune 500 clients to small startups trying to find their voice in the marketplace.



Our Talented Team.

The talented team at Lifted Logic—including the developers, designers, writers, and videographers— is passionate about working together to craft cutting-edge online experiences, no matter the client.

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Simply put, we deliver results.
Our work speaks for itself

With our focus on the web, we can communicate a company's message to drive sales, reach goals, and increase bottom lines. It’s our job to solve our clients’ problems. We’re curious about our clients' business, customers, and design challenges. Compared to other businesses, Lifted Logic employs no salespeople. Rather, we work hard to complete all projects in-house, and let the work speak for itself.

High-quality products

Lifted Logic will always provide a high-quality product without compromise. We believe as agencies become more profit-focused, they lose sight of the quality of work they produce.

Transparency & Integrity

We encourage our employees each and every day to produce the best work that they possibly can, by promoting the attitude of “Always do what you know is right.”

Where we


Lifted Logic is Kansas City’s premier digital creative agency. The company has its origins in 1Dawg, a company built and ran by college students in their garage, who wound up being the first business to send a video from the internet to a cell phone.

After shopping for investors and licensing 1Dawg’s software, Lifted Logic’s founder, Adam Fichman, began to realize the pitfalls of detached and cold corporate culture and set out to build a company where the employees know their value and love coming to work and where all the clients find sustainable, long-term success.


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