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How to Write a Mission Statement

Why Your Business Needs a Mission Statement

Business & Marketing Strategy / July 15, 2019

Maybe you’ve been in business for five years, or ten, or twenty five! Or maybe you’re just starting out.

No matter where you are in your journey, a question may have occurred to you in this time: “Do I need a mission statement?” We’re here to help you answer that question.

Lifted Logic is not just a web design company. We are also a small business in the Kansas City community. 

Our work has given us the privilege of meeting a wide scope of business owners across a variety of industries (across the country!) including:

  • Art & Music
  • Community Resources & Non-Profit Organizations
  • Data & FinTech
  • Engineering & Construction
  • Fitness & Health
  • Food & Beverage
  • Home Service
  • Hospitality
  • Medical Spas, Aesthetic Centers, and Plastic Surgeons
  • Museums & Other Culture Centers
  • Online Content Creators & Bloggers
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Retail
  • Theme Parks
  • Banking & Finance
  • And more

This has given us a deep perspective of how businesses and organizations function—some more than others (and some better than others).

During the content phase of the web design process, our team extracts as much information as possible from the business’ representative (sometimes a CEO, sometimes a marketing manager, even sometimes a receptionist or other office hero). 

Our job is to examine the business and its messaging from an outsider’s point of view to help inform us of the kind of user experience your site will need. 

One of the biggest questions that can help us grasp the important messages of your business to convey on your new site? Your mission statement.

What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is the very core belief of a business in what it does—it’s the why, the what, and the how. 

It seems simple, right?

Well, you’d be surprised by how many businesses don’t have a mission statement. 

Whether it’s because they were not the originators of their brand or because they have always been too busy, we speak with client after client every year who do not have a mission statement to work with.

This is okay! Many companies see success without a mission statement.

However, as your business grows and scales, it’s this mission statement that keeps your business grounded and your branding on track. It drives decisions and strategies.

In essence, it’s who you are. 

Content Creation—The Struggle

The best example of why your business needs a mission statement typically rears its head during the content phase of our web design process.

In order to capture the voice and tone of the brand, we build a content outline, then have our client write the words around which we will design and build their website.

However, many of our clients feel lost or confused in the content process. Sometimes, after weeks one or two, they come back and tell us they’re not sure where, or how, to start.

They live and breathe the thick of their business every day and find it difficult to suddenly look at their brand from an outside perspective.

The best way to both ground your work, and give yourself the perspective of a customer, is to center your work around your mission statement. 

And if you don’t have one? Start there. 

How to write a mission statement

Your mission statement should be 1-2 sentences that encompass your reason for going to work every day and doing things the way that you do them. It’s your purpose and your passion.

Write out a few “mission statement” samples. Run them by your leadership and other team members. Trim, edit, and hone in on why you exist and what makes you different. 

It may help to first determine the values of your company. Transparency and integrity are popular. Other values may include words like innovation, community, diversity, or communication.

A great example of a business communicating their core values is our friends and KC local gun range Frontier Justice, whose slogan is Faith. Family. Freedom.

Overall, your mission statement will keep you grounded. Your values will keep you inspired.

Having determined your mission statement and your values, you will find it much easier to write content for your new website, or make any other marketing choices/decisions for that matter.

Here’s an example:

Lifted Logic exists… To create web-based tools

For whom… for clients across the country

Why? In order to promote their business, drive traffic, and increase revenue in an attractive and professional way,

How? Using industry-specific best practices, standards, and protocols.

Anything else? To further the knowledge of anyone interested in topics related to SEO, web design, and business development through free education opportunities.

What it looks like:

To create web-based tools for clients across the country in order to promote their business, drive traffic, and increase revenue in an attractive and professional way using industry-specific best practices, standards, and protocols. To further the knowledge of anyone interested in topics related to SEO, web design, and business development through free education opportunities.

Learn more about how to improve your business

Web content can be challenging to write—even more so when you’re writing about a subject you know intimately… to an audience who knows nothing about you.

Have questions about our web design process? Lifted Logic in Kansas City strives to be a resource to businesses and marketers alike looking for common sense solutions to their everyday pain points.

Contact us today and we’d be delighted to discuss your needs in web design, photography, videography, web development, SEO content creation, lead conversion, and more.


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